Germany  *TenYearsAfter* Live Odiseo - Trancemission - Symphonix

Aug 16, 2008 23:00:00 - Aug 17, 2008 16:00:00, KÖLN / COLOGNE

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Date: Aug 17, 2008
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*** ODISEO *** (Blue Tunes Rec.) MEXICO
present exclusive the debut album "TEN YEARS AFTER"
Ulises Pascual a.k.a (ODISEO) is one of the exponents of progressive trance well know in Mexico. Since the beginning of the scene of psy trance in Mexico city, forming part of diverse projects as (XIBALBA) and (SKI FI). He has played in several great festivals and Clubs in: Germany, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Brazil and Israel. With 7 years producing and 9 years as a dj we can find a series of releases in diverse labels like: Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Sinn Tech, AP, Iboga, Solar Siv Records, Blue Tunes, Liquid Crystal, Aximy, Tatsu, Spin Twist, Iboga Mexico, Universal Records, Spliff, Plusquam, Groove Control just to mention a few.
all infos you can find here:

*** TRANCEMISSION *** (Iboga Mexico Rec.) MEXICO
present exclusive the debut album "OBSESSION"
Almost 8 years for one of most renowed trance bands on Mexico. Grate pioneers innovating withing progressive-trance scene when full on was the most common style in Mexican parties. By the ending of 2001, Ojos And Gandulk fuse under a new name "Trancemission" with the idea and the mission of taking trance to every corner of the country, they played their live for the first time on a small private party with Dj Pena and Morphem, both giving grate heartening comments about their music.
all infos you can find here:

*** SYMPHONIX *** (Blue Tunes Rec.) GERMANY
Behind Symphonix are the brothers Sirko (29) + Stephan (26) Wötanowski from the northern part of germany. Also known as dj team montagu + dj golkonda they started djing + organizing events in 1998. They formed the Tshitraka party project in the beginning of 1999 in a small club with 500 people and it grew over the years up to the Tshitraka Project Open Air Fesitival with 5000 international guests.
all infos you can find here:

DJs: *** GANDULK *** (Iboga Mexico Rec.) MEXICO

*** STARSKY *** (Substical Rec.) Ger

*** MONTAGU + GOLKONDA *** (Blue Tunes Rec.) Ger

*** LOUIS LEY *** (Substical Rec.) Ger

*** ANOUK *** (Sinn Tec Rec.) Ger

*** Djn D - MO *** (Soultribe Rec.) Ger
newcomer djane of Soultribe Records.

*** SOULFLOW ROCKERZ *** (Soultribe Rec.) Ger

*** THOR *** (Underground Ruhrgebeat) Ger


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