Mar 7, 2009 22:00:00 - Mar 8, 2009 18:00:00, Köln

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Date: Feb 27, 2009
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Live: Main Floor Progressive Floor Dark Psy Floor

BIZZARE CONTACT Compact rec- Israel FullMoon- Universo Paralello - Boom Video

Orca Doof Rec Israel presents debut album Fist_Of_Fury . first time in Germany
Video ttp://

Electric Universe ( Electric universe rec) Germany presents his new album Vuuv Festival- Antaris Project- FullMoon Boom - Universo Paralello Video Boom Festival

PSYCONTROL IST EIN PROJECT mit Dj Astrodelic +Dj Babajaka

Spacevision rec Serbien -Germany

Babajaka Spacevision rec Germany

QUANTEC Synphonie rec Germany Video

Schatzhauser Multiplex rec Germany Video

DJs: SABAII SABAII Blackmoon Culture Thailand, 2008: Vuuv - Antaris Project- FullMoon

Dimitri Nakov Spun rec ibiza + UK Universo Paralello - FullMoon - Boom Video

Orca Doof Rec Israel Special Dark Psy set first time in Germany Video tttp://

Shawnodese Doof rec Head of Mind Funk rec Netherlands
Boom- Full Moon- Ozora - Universo Paralello- Vuuv- Earthdance -Wonderland

Rivaldo Trionika rec Israel Special dj set Full On Universo Paralello Boom

Senang Psyence Records Austria

Matrutig Spacevision Rec Sweden fist time in Germany

Astrodelic Spacevision rec Serbien

Psykos Scare Evil Rec Austria

Trimurti + Trinit Psyence Records Austria

Grimlock VS Marathi (tamil rec.) Germany FullMoon

Hallimasch Spacevision rec Russland

QUANTEC Synphonie rec Germany

Smendrix (Traumdanceria prod.) Germany

Triptune -Spacevision rec Germany

Kismet - Trance Azurix feat DasLandei Spacevision Rec Germany

Sabalogic Spacevision rec Germany

Alex Spacevision Rec Germany

Marco cosimo Medusa Germany

Djane Psykedelia (3Klang Germany

Miss Mad MirE Spacevision Rec Germany

Babajaka Spacevision rec


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