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Jun 7, 2008 19:00:00 - Jun 8, 2008 03:00:00, La Center, WA

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Date: May 26, 2008
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7-8pm Opening Ceremony hosted by friends and family of the greater northwest ::
Please bring, drums, didgs', ocrinas, noisemakers, zizzers, zaggers, zylakadoos, and any other
crazy ufo instrument you can think of. This is a communal sundown, so lets make it right!!

Bodhisattva 13:20 (psycircle records) San Diego, CA
With Special Guest :: Bodhisattva 13:20 {Psycircle Records} San Diego, CA
Bodhi a.k.a. Christopher Lee Martin is an award-winning musician [L.A. Music
Awards 2003-2006] specializing in psytrance. He has been a musician all his
life, playing piano by ear since early on. Bodhi enjoys experimenting with
new sounds to open minds and increase consciousness, constantly pushing the
limits. He has been into the goa/psy scene 1996 and has been professionally
producing electronic music and performing live sets since 2000. Since 2007
he has produced two psytrance albums (Excursions Through the Ancient
Future[2002], Secrets of the Mojave[2005]), is featured on compilations with
many labels based in several countries, and has toured around North America
and Europe. His side projects and collaborations include but are not limited
to CILIUM, MONKS OF MADNESS, and MUBODHI. Bodhi has also completed an expert
tips book on Reason 3.0, which was published in summer '05 and is available
in large chain bookstores and websites. Bodhi recently compiled Liquid Mind
V/A, the first release on his event crew's label, Psycircle Records. Look
out for his crazy psychedelic, hard, playful and funky style.

Sound samples here:

For more info:

Modcam (Spectral Onyx Records) http://www.spectralonyx.com/ (eugene, or)
The Mentats - http://www.myspace.com/thementats (seattle, wa)
Manifest - http://www.apollos-lute.com/ (portland,or)


Following into the night and through the day, this music will continue.

Satyasamadhi - PDX {Metakinetics}
Lara - SEA
Coral {Touch-Samadhi} http://www.touchsamadhi.com - SEA
Project Bigfoot {Apollos-Lute} http://www.apollos-lute.com - PDX
Bodhisattva 13:20 (live) {Psycircle Tribe} - SD
Waater {Ohm Bass Records / Molecular} - SEA
Inanna {Apollos-Lute} http://www.apolloslute.com - PDX
Indus - PDX


Eckoe (Ultimae Rec / Molecular) http://www.ultimae.com/ - SEA
Manifest (Apollo's Lute) http://www.apollos-lute.com/ - PDX
N8iv - SEA
Ahsan - LAX/SEA
Wry (molecular) http://www.molecular.cc - SEA

+ many more special suprises...

La Center, WA

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