Greece  Moonsun Presents Void - SOLAR FX Live - ABSOLUT ZERO Athen

Jun 15, 2008 23:30:30 - Jun 16, 2008 08:00:00, Athens

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Date: May 18, 2008
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DJs: Moonsun Presents Void - SOLAR FX Live - ABSOLUT ZERO in Athens
Sunday 15 June Next day is a Holiday( )

Void-Chemical Crew.isr-DjSet

A collaboration of two individuals on an electro-rock project would
inevitably emerge as the band Void. Tamir Regev and Oren Emanuel originally
began their partnership around late 1999. They started with a singular goal:
attempt to penetrate the psychedelic trance scene. Tamir was originally a
blossoming DJ appearing in sizzling New York clubs including: Twilo, Limelight,
Tunnel, Vynil and 7-hour sets under the NY Bridge as ?DJ Tam Tam?. Oren Emanuel
was notable in his rock band in the North of Israel. Later, Oren decided to create
a solo project named Hish, a rewarding venture that gained recognition from famous
producers in Israel. Their quick success together resulted in catching the eye of a
prospective label in the upstart, Chemical Crew. Eventually, they?d be touring around
the world bringing the sound of club hits like Wake Up and No Disco to whole new audiences.
The collective efforts of Tamir and Oren would produce their first LP album known as Punishment
(released in 2004). Headlined by a powerful raging guitar riff in their super-hit song Machine,
the combination of funk and blazing-fast guitar shredding would make them a new wave hybrid in
trance music. A key track named ?The Masterblaster? would showcase the band as a club sensation,
utilizing slang from the past in the lyrics.

Void began greatly rising in popularity throughout
the globe and featured their talents through live shows in Japan (Gathering), Brazil (XXXperience),
Mexico (Yin Yang Festival), Russia (Goodfood Moscow), Germany (Full Moon), and Greece (Samothraki).
Their unique brand of music also hit all the major clubs in Israel as well as performances in the
rest of Europe and the US. It was clear that the duo was becoming a mainstay in trance parties.
It was time to embark work on a new album, a double CD package that would be labeled the Angry Brigade.
In-between its eventual release in 2006, Void cooperated in several compilations including Zoo2, Zoo3,
(currently scheduled for Zoo 4) Chemical High(Farm Records)- Vol.1 and Vol.2, Chemical Playground
and a hit track named ?Psycho Killer? with the artist Skazi in Chemical Crew?s Mafia compilation.
Void would go on to coin the phrase ?Music with More Muscle?.

The Angry Brigade would arrive on the scene in 2006. It?s highly anticipated release
included a CD featuring the psychedelic trance Void?s fans have come to know and love labeled ?A?,
and the acclaimed electro-rock venture of disc ?B?. Disc ?A? would be highlighted by Killing in the
Name Of, James Brown is Dead and Xt-No. It exhibited the hardcore techno trance style with special
edge of 90's techno remixes. Disc ?B? would be an expansion into the duo?s creative outlet and love
of electro-rock. Influenced by such bands/artists as David Gilmour, Daft Punk, Radiohead, disc ?B? is
codenamed the ?Hero-Special project?. The unique second CD showcased another side of Void unseen before.
Tracks like ?Deep Blue? and ?Hideaway? portrayed Void?s ability as a multi-talented artist. The track
?Hero? served as a tribute to one of Void?s all time favorite bands, Pink Floyd. The featured electronic
progressive rock exposed Tamir and Oren?s future aspirations.

Void is presently working on a compilation
for Farm Records Japan with Chemical Crew. It will feature special remixes to Void tracks by Eskimo,
S.U.N project and of course Void themselves. Expect a few new killer dance-floor hits by Void as well.
Would you expect anything less? The compilation is aptly titled ?Music with More Muscle? and will
be released in early Spring 2007. Finally the sequel to The Angry Brigade, labeled Void III is due
for release in Christmas 2007. Get your stockings ready because even Santa can?t wait to get his hands on it.

SOLAR FX Live (Plasmatica / Moonsun Records / GR)

Solar Fx are Telis Darkman + Absolut Zero from Thessaloniki/Greece,
They started producing music at the beginning of this century.
They finished their first track at 15/3/2000,track name data links.
After that they produced many tracks that AbsolutZero was playing
at his dj sets. At 16 April 2003 they performed their first live
act at Cabana club/Thessaloniki/Greece, Ppl liked their music so
they kept producing tracks till their next live act at Aridea/Greece
1 May 2004. and 28 August 2004 at Edessa/Greece Till then they
didn't make any release because they didn't feel ready yet.
At 14 April 2007 they played live at Ydrogeios/Thessaloniki,
they had big success and know they are ready to make their first
releases and why not till the end of summer 2007 their fisrt album.
You can find some of their tracks at......... The music style is
psychedelic trance groovy full on...and they are ready to trance you.

ABSOLUT ZERO (Solar FX) (Plasmatica / Moonsun Records / GR)

Moonsun/Moonsun records

Deco by nikoxil

BG Club
( X Million Dollars) 3-Septembriou 166
The ex Million Dollars club now BG is a good (massive) venue in Athens.
New Capacity 1800 people - two Stage floors open

Entrance Fee 25 Euro + Drink

Nice New Sound System
Visual Projections
Full New Aircondition
Security on the door
No illegal substances
Age strictly over 18
Starts 24:00
Managment reserves the right to refuse admission

videos of VOID

videos of Solar fx

Videos of Absolut zero


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