Austria  *DROPS REFLECTIONS*with TICON live COMBINATIONS live and..;)

Feb 7, 2009 22:00:00 - Feb 8, 2009 07:00:00, vienna

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Date: Feb 4, 2009
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Live: TICON - ( Digital Structures) sweden.

Ticon (Digital Structures - Sweden) are Filip Mardberg and Fredrik Gilenholt. The story of their musical involvement dates back to 1991 when they found mutual interest for underground dance music. Around 1995, they made thier first track in Fredriks bedroom, but it wasnt until the Swedish and Malmoe based label Digital Structures contacted them in 1999 that things started to get clear and they formed Ticon. After releasing on almost every now classic trance lable they earned a spot in the growing group of respected tranceproducers. Released in April 2001 on Digital Structures, their first full length album received fantastic reviews and is today a milestone in progressive music. It?s been a great journey from the first releases, and with landmark albums like "Rewind" and "Aero" to "Zero Six After" and now "2:AM", released in 2008, they have earned a top spot position in the trance and club scene.

COMBINATIONS - (groove criminals rec.)isr/at.
we all know the powerfull sound from this 2 guys .garentee to make u jump and move on the floor;)
get ready for new mind blowing matirials from their upcoming releases ;)
DJs: ********************************************************************************************************
A very special guest will come and preform for us, BIG SURPRISE and we for sure all love him ;)

U-RECKEN -(dooflex rec.)isr. Special Dj set !!!

Tzvika- (echoes rec.)isr.

Xela L.-(psychic-reaction/tic-tac/testify) at.

Djbril vs Rotama (groove criminals)at.


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