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Apr 10, 2009 22:00:00 - Apr 11, 2009 06:00:00, vienna

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Date: Apr 10, 2009
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Chai by che.manfred Chai,Cake,Fresh Fruits:)

mit special KUSCHELECK im Chill !:)

In Gedenken an Albert Hoffman's bevorstehenden 1jährigen Totestag

Please NO Dogs NO Drugs!

--> PIX von der letzen Party im Viper Room


--> party am 15. mai: with Kiriyama (SWE) LIVE!!!,Alpha (GER) DJset & Murukhan (ESP) DJset ;) & some good old austrian stuff like Origin,Psykos......

--> party am 31.okt : with Jellyheadz (FRA) LIVE!!!:)

--> Fraggle Fire Festival vom 31.july-02.august hosted by LUCID DREAMS & UNITED FRAGGLES


Live: Rawar ( 2to6 records, psyence rec., lycantrop, triplag -por)LIVE!!!!! First time in Vienna!!!

Helder Amaral aka RAWAR , have born at Oporto city Portugal in 1978 .
He have contact since early days at the age of 16 he starts to work at a local club as a dj , at the age of 18 Helder goes to the roads of the heavy metal music due to the power and intense feelins that the sounds created on him , one year later he leads his own band as a vocals . But at the age of 20 he starts to enjoy dark ambiance and more atmosferic sounds and decides to creat his own project ,starting producing darkambience.
Then in 2004 after a few partys with friends on the psy scene Helder gets to now the psyence records crew and gets to be a close brother of Philipe Martins (agressive mood ) and togheter they decide to join forces and start their psytrance act togheter .
One year later Helder decides that hes gona start his own project and start producing under the name of Dominus later changing for good to RAWAR .
Since then Rawar have been playing around the world puting his music and vibes on diferent dance floors.
Count with power groove music fullfilled with psychedelic elements and a power bassline .
big boom to all , enjoy .
Agressive Mood (psyence rec.,por) LIVE!!!!

Agressive Mood is Philip Martins 28 years old from city of ovar in the north of portugal. He was living in Venezuela from the age @ 5 and start in rave scene @ 1997. I had my first contact with psytrance music @ 1998 in a small party. He was started mixing acid techno @ 1999 @ friends their party's around Venezuela. In 2000 he moved to Portugal where he was born. In the last months of the year 2000 he did start to mix @ some party's and festivals around the north of Portugal. After 2 years he really involved into psytrance music and he decided to produce his own music. His music style is DARK PSYTRANCE. He has played @ party's with artists like Kindzadza, Rastaliens, N3XU5, Suria, Hujaboy, Shrink aka Spectra, Audialize, Barak, TNT, Amadtezana, FFT, Lamat, Sidharta and many more...
Massive Noise (psyence rec., triplag,por) LIVE!!!! First time in Vienna!!!

Massive Noise Aka Philipe Martins and Helder Amaral is a project from the frontmans of Agressive Mood and Rawar . They started to produce togheter on 2005 when they meet at the psyence records headquarters . The quimic between their work was great and a few months later they had a new live set ready and in may of 2006 they made their first aperance at psyence records label party in Portugal. Philipe was allready producing psytrance for some years and Helder produced dark ambient . Philipe has is own project called Agressive Mood signed for psyence records and Human Rage the last with Hugo Peres Aka Corrosive Brain , both on the darkpsytrance scene but with diferent styles and feelings. rawar is the name of Helder´s project along with Dominus is first one , also in the darkpsy scene , but with Dominus standing more on a more psychodelic trippy way of darkpsy .
DJs: AlFatal (Scared Evil Rec.,Bass Intoxication IBK,aut) b2b Virux (Bass Intoxication IBK,aut)

Iken (K.N.E.C.H.T,aut)

Vasudeva (Mind Design,aut)

Arati (Independent,aut)


22:00-23:00 Arati dj
23:00-00:00 Vasudeva dj
00:00-01:00 Iken dj
01:00-02:15 Al Fatal b2b Virux dj
02:15-03:45 Rawar LIVE
03:45-04:45 Massiv Noise LIVE
04:45-06:00 Agressiv Mood LIVE



the psychedelik Cirkas - Visuell

AGNi & LILO and spezial guest


Special VJ Performance by

HAUSCHER (lucid dreams resident)



Viper Room


1030 Wien

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