Austria  A Fairy´s Dream "Spielplatz der Psychonaute" X

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Date: Nov 20, 2008
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Live: KUNDALINI PROJECT (Dark Records) Italy Presenting his new album

Bruce Gil a.k.a Kundalini Project is born to Verona in 1985 from the first years of its life is endured fascinated from the psichedelica culture years 60 thanks has discs of its father: Pink Floyd, Alan Person project, Doors and many others. Towards the age of 7 .. 8 years it begins the first adventures with the keyboard electronic in which it studies 3 years the musical theory, and after 5 years it enters in the culture rap and it puts in foot its first group the â??Public Confusionâ?? with which it has the first experiences like Mc and also like producer of bases. After several concerts and manifestations in this within a day for case to house of a friend comes to contact with Psy-trance music just with a cd of Dj Nervox-The sound of color in which to its inside it finds endured love for music of It is adorned some with Celebration Garage in Saint Francisco and begins to produce. In 2002 it begins to attend the party in Italy and in the February of 2004 it begins to play in party the Trentino like dj (Expassio) proposing music of: Parasense, Psykovsky, Absolum, Neuromotor, Crazy Lions Cult, Dark Nebula, Digital Talk, Irie, Xenomorph, Earthling, Aerodance, Nothing special and many others. In 2004 with to dj Hipnotik form the plan Shaman Tribe with this in mind to create inside of own party an atmosphere much legacy to that one of Goa (India) is in the music that in the acclimatization. In 2005 it begins to attend with tribe party full underground the Austrians where Dj Natan (Parvati Records knows) that it is endured interested to its productions and invites it to be promoter of Wirikuta recordings to continuation came contacted from Dark records (Canada) that proposed it a record contract. Kundalini project is a plan concentrated on the search of sonorit� mystical and deep tendentially a lot dark and aimed to trigger the Dance Floor, giving one musical idea a much deep and concept of active meditation like dance in music. . .si is placed side by side to artists like the Cosmos, Dejan, Kemik-a, Ocelot, Horror Place (zik), Gioppo (goanmantra rec), Giuseppe (Parvati records) and many others respective in Chezek Republic ,Switzerland and Germany and its plan are in continuous evolution. And it leave of Interzone inc. , Caffix record Records famous organizer Mexican and hour, Dark Records only specialized Canadian label in Dark-psy Trance.

DJs: Djane BACK TO MARS (Cytopia / Dutch Flowers Recs) BR

Born in Brazil, Back to Mars started mixing in the underground parties of Amsterdam in 2001. Her main style is Psytrance, ranging from Fast + Twisted to Progressive, which mostly she will combine according to her intuition and public interaction. With a passion for experimentation, she can also play other styles such as Electro, Deep House and Minimal, if that suits the atmosphere and the style of the party. Her mixing is intelligent and uplifting, as she likes to surprise and inspire the crowd with her unorthodox style. Her belief and goal is that regardless of style, people will recognize good music when they hear it, and they will be moved by it, in their body, mind and soul.

Currently creating her space internationally, she had the honor of playing the first DJ set at the Main Floor of the Boom Festival 2008, following the inspiring performance of Star Sounds Orchestra. The energy was very high and and she took the public up on a crescendo, where many styles of psychedelic trance were explored, creating a bridge between the opening act and the full-on music which followed her set. (Her) ?music was really groovy and sticking people to the ground physically and mentally...? as written in Isratrance, is a good way to describe the magic of her set at the Boom!

MERRY:) (mind expansion / gaggalacka) Germany

Merry:) is Marian from Berlin ? a human being with extreme highs and deeps in his life, who learned to never loose his smile :) ? and a fullblood PsyTrance freak since 10 years ? that combination influenced him to become a DJ to transform his big smile to thedancefloors everywhere? His style can be described as something between "twilight" and "happy dark". Kicking nightime psytrance, which is really blasting at peak moments, but not too evil. But besides that he has the right music for every time of the day and has a passion for well produced emotional morning music far away from the cheese which can be heard at parties way to often. Merry:) performed his dj sets already on various other parties between 50 and 5.000 people on the dancefloor in countries like Israel, India, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland and all over in Germany...

THN (Forever Eden) Germany

Thomas Neumann, aka Dj THN, from Aachen / Germany.
He playing Full On sets since 2000.
Thomas loves groovy beats and this is what he playing.

His first Psytrance Musik was an present from Dj Scotty on the Vuuv in 1999.
THN was born.

After 4 years later he organized his first Event.....The Forever Eden Partys.......
" The greatest feeling for me is, when peoples from all over the world coming to dance "


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