Austria  A Fairy´s Dream "Spielplatz der Psychonauten" VIII

Apr 11, 2009 22:00:00 - Apr 12, 2009 10:00:00, 3350 HAAG/LINZ

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Date: Apr 2, 2009
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Live: ENCEPHALOPATICYS (Parvati records) Macedonien

Encephalopaticys is the project of Vasko Velickovski. The name of the project sound weird, but that is how his music realy is. He is born and living in Macedonia a place full of high hills and spirits unknown for most of the listeners, Macedonia is another reason of his unique style and powerful sound.

He started Dj ing in 2001,and as an extreme type of person after couple of eyers he found DJ ing as a bridge to something that will build a path leading to his dream-creating his own visions into sounds. After few years of djing and more time spend with psychedelic music, he start to experiment with the psychedelic sounds, starting to create his own sounds, in his studio.

The project Encephalopaticys is born 2003. It´s hard to find the right words to describe his music some will say it hard, dark powerful night trance, I´ll say its sound that came from one identity one person one mind simply Encephalopaticys. In this project Vasko works on very powerful dark sound, with deep bass line followed by psychedelic sounds and scary forest atmospheres, inspired by the high hills, the surrounding spirits and the oxygen poison.

?All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him.? EnJOY it.

ooommmmmmmmm !!!!!!

RAWAR (Lycantrop records,2TO6 records, Psyence records) Portugal

Helder Amaral aka RAWAR , have born at Oporto city Portugal in 1978 .
He have contact since early days at the age of 16 he starts to work at a local club as a dj , at the age of 18 Helder goes to the roads of the heavy metal music due to the power and intense feelins that the sounds created on him , one year later he leads his own band as a vocals . But at the age of 20 he starts to enjoy dark ambiance and more atmosferic sounds and decides to creat his own project ,starting producing darkambience.
Then in 2004 after a few partys with friends on the psy scene Helder gets to now the psyence records crew and gets to be a close brother of Philipe Martins (agressive mood ) and togheter they decide to join forces and start their psytrance act togheter .
One year later Helder decides that hes gona start his own project and start producing under the name of Dominus later changing for good to RAWAR .
Since then Rawar have been playing around the world puting his music and vibes on diferent dance floors.
Count with power groove music fullfilled with psychedelic elements and a power bassline .
big boom to all , enjoy .

MASSIVE NOISE (Psyence records) Portugal

Agressive Mood + Rawar

Massive Noise Aka Philipe Martins and Helder Amaral is a project from the frontmans of Agressive Mood and Rawar . They started to produce togheter on 2005 when they meet at the psyence records headquarters . The quimic between their work was great and a few months later they had a new live set ready and in may of 2006 they made their first aperance at psyence records label party in Portugal. Philipe was allready producing psytrance for some years and Helder produced dark ambient . Philipe has is own project called Agressive Mood signed for psyence records and Human Rage the last with Hugo Peres Aka Corrosive Brain , both on the darkpsytrance scene but with diferent styles and feelings. rawar is the name of Helder´s project along with Dominus is first one , also in the darkpsy scene , but with Dominus standing more on a more psychodelic trippy way of darkpsy .

DJs: JOSHI (Alice D productions / H.S.S.) Ger

is Dominik H. from munich/germany. He is born in 1985 and growed up in a town near munich where he got in touch with psychedelic back in the year 2001 on little open airs in bavaria.
Before his first experience on these kind of party`s he heard a bit techno and all kinds of metal which is still one of his favorite music styles. But now he was infected by the people, the atmosphere and of course by the music. His life totaly changed and he began to visit these gatherings every weekend.
From the beginning on he was interested in the harder, deeper, faster and more psychedelic stuff so he began to organize little partys around bavaria cause he was very bored about the commercial sounds being played mostly in munich.
In the year 2004 he met some other freaks who thought the same so they startet to do soundsessions and party`s together. Alice-D Production was born and this guy`s became some of his best friends.
After a few gatherings organized by Alice-D he was ready for other dancefloors to bring the psychedelic madness on the floor.
In his sets he plays very hard and dark underground sounds with powerfull basslines mostly between 155 and 165 bpm.
Since the beginning of 2007 he is label DJ and proud member of Helicon Sound System Records (H.S.S.) which is located in Athens/Greece.
He`s working on a live project called "Noctec Project" with his good friend Sator Arepo.
Joshi has already played on party`s in Austria, Italy, New Zealand and of course all over germany with acts like Highko, Cosmo, Naked Tourist, Mind Distortion System, Polyphonia, Orestis, Katastrof, Ocelot, Jahbo, Digitalist, Scorb, Menog, just to name a few...

Soth (K.N.E.C.H.T.) Austria

Soth's musical journey began about twenty years ago after having heard some old rock bands. After this he started to learn Guitar and Bass and formed some bands in his hometown. The trip invariably led to the darker side of music until he recorded an album with a gothic metal band. To celebrate this, he visited his first psycedelic party and immediately got infected. Collecting music quickly became a passion and
so he started to DJ and produce. In his DJSets, he seeks to create new and twysted layers of psychadelia, letting the audience's energy flow through him and guide his track selection . Soth's music is a blend of epic leads, fast basslines and twysted effects, always driving yet never static.

His extraordinary appearances have been experienced in countries such as Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Italy besides Artists such as Electrypnose,
Chromatone, Digital Talk, Hydraglyph, Puoskari,Delysid, Bitkit, Psyboriginal, Kundalini Project, Malice in Wonderland, Khopat, Rinkadink, Psysex, The Path, Palindrom, Aggressive Mood, -Z-, Kaleidoscope, Kiriyama, Evilcore, Desert Vortex, Whicked Hayo and many more ....

Osku (Goblin Records) Slovakia

Osku is Roman Hoc from Slovakia born in 1988.
In the age of 5 Roman became a big fantasy + sci-fi fan.That influenced his future life. When he heard his first psytrance on a party in 2004 he knew that this music will fulfill his existence.
He started to play psytrance and chillout in his hometown Kosice and in 2006 he was playing regularly on many partys there. In 2007 he has moved to Prague for studying at a university.
In April 2008 he created a freelabel Goblin Records, which 1st release - compilation Cyclotron came out in May. Last days he put out second one ? Format Brain :\ .
Nowadays he plays mainly 148-170 bpm dark/fullpower sets or ambient sets in a chillplaces. You can meet him at smart club ST.YX on psychedelic Tuesdays or wherever else in Czechia or Slovakia.

Ondrej Psyla (Goblin Records / Mystical Waves) Czech Republic

The roots of my playing go back to the year of 2002. I had been organizing parties since 2001 and I am one of the foundation members of the Trancedelic Family crew which has organized many parties where projects such as Alizard, Akindo, Edoardo, Horizon, Kajola, PsyBaba, Psycozaika, Tul, Virtuart or Quantum State have played. Since 2004 I am a foundation member of the Mystical Waves Crew. My sets range from 125 bpm (electro, minimal, progressive house@trance) via 145 bmp (morning melodic full on trance) to 153 bpm (dark psychedelic trance). My favourite styles which I play at the moment are morning melodic psychedelic trance and dark psychedelic trance. From year 2004 I also play in chill out with flutist called Andy Warhol. In our current performances you can hear a progressive trance ranging in between 125 bpm to 137 bpm. I have played my sets at notable Czech and Slovak parties such as: arodejnice, Taranis, Hill-Top Festival, Mystika, Bios, Mystical Ritual, Spring Adventure or Chvatimech. You can listen to my sets in Prague Cross club where I play regularly at parties called Bio Cross and Labyrinth of Mind. In Slovakia I mostly play in club Chill out Cafe Bar Trance in Brezno. In the year 2008 I have joined the Goblin Records. This record label presents mainly dark offshoot of the psychedelic trance and at the moment it is releasing its second compilation called Format Brain.

Grim vs Para Muscaria (Klangbewusstsein) A

My name is Jan, born in April 1985 in Upper Austria. Music attends me my whole lifetime. As a baby, i heard the spheric Sounds from my Dad`s Jazz Guitar. My Musical Career startet when I was 9 years old. As a drummer I went to Music School. I learned there many kind of Percussions for 7 years.

When I was 15 years old, I come in contact with Psytrance and three years later I visited my first Party`s. From that I knew what I had to do in this life. It was the beginning of a never ending love. 2005 I began to put on some music on my first Party`s and some friends from my Association "Free Day Tribe" and I organize Party`s in Upper Austria.

Since 2007 I`m a member of the conversant association called "klangbewusstsein" ( ). This Artists give me a lot of inspiration and I`m very lucky to met this lovely guys. I`m certain of it we will see us in the future!

(Spontaneous Aerobic Rec./ Manipura Anahata Proj.) Aut,

Philipp aka Dj Philoso
Philoso is an ambitioned collector of several styles of Psytrance Musik since a few years. Phil started to kick the mixer and rock Dancefloors in early 2005. He has played on a variety of smaller and bigger Festivals/Parties all over Austria,Germany,Switzerland...
Dj Philoso's styles is best described as twisted NightSound trying to stay inbetween energetic kicking FullOn and Darkpsy, neither touching one or the other extrem...You have check it out! Since one year phil's Live-Projekt is already growing and it going soon as possible to the Dancefloor !

PSYKOS (Psyence records) + Alautun (Scared Evil rec.)

Organizer set ;-)


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