Austria  A Fairy´s Dream "Spielplatz der Psychonauten" VIII

Jan 10, 2009 21:00:00 - Jan 11, 2009 07:00:00, SCHWAZ

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Date: Dec 27, 2008
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Live: PSYKOVSKY (Osom Music, Tantrumm Records) Rus

Psykovsky aka Vasily Markelov a maverick Russian psytrance producer.
from Russia began playing in groups as early as 12 and first achieved success as the member of Transdriver.

Since 2000 Vasily has worked with a number of different solo and collaborative projects, and is nowadays acknowledged as one of the most auspicious psytrance artists.
After a few compilation releases in the beginning of his solo career, soon in 2005 Psykovsky appeared on Vertigo Records with a superlative Debut album.
His long-awaited second CD rebounds to the glory of the great predecessor and tends to suit different palates and minds.

With undiminished enthusiasm Vasily continues to engross listeners and successfully performs all over the world.

AGRESSIVE MOOD (Psyence records) Portugal

Agressive Mood is Philip Martins 30 years old from city of ovar in the north of portugal. He was living in Venezuela from the age @ 5 and start in rave scene @ 1997. I had my first contact with psytrance music @ 1998 in a small party. He was started mixing acid techno @ 1999 @ friends their party's around Venezuela. In 2000 he moved to Portugal where he was born. In the last months of the year 2000 he did start to mix @ some party's and festivals around the north of Portugal. After 2 years he really involved into psytrance music and he decided to produce his own music. His music style is DARK PSYTRANCE. He has played @ party's with artists like Kindzadza, Rastaliens, N3XU5, Suria, Hujaboy, Shrink aka Spectra, Audialize, Barak, TNT, Amadtezana, FFT, Lamat, Sidharta and many more...

DJs: SHIMA (tantrumm / lycantrop rec.) D

is Mia H. from Munich / Germany, who had been infected by Psytrance in the year 2000. The whole atmosphere and especially the music had a certain spell on her that she could not and also didn't really want to escape from After years of collecting Psytrance tunes she decided to spin the turntables herself and in early 2006 she already got her first gigs sorted in the local trance scene of Munich and shortly entire Germany. As yet she performed in countries like Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Greece, Japan and more soon.. Her main goal is to connect truly to her audience, to send a crowd on a journey, an adventure of tones, where guided by the music people can experience an intense and mind-altering atmosphere.

Shima preferably plays a strong combination of twisted and deep sounds. Intelligent, tricky and powerful music with rolling and rumbling basslines, as well as crispy clear psychedelic synths are the keywords to describe her mystic sets. Have fun!

PSYKOS (Psyence rec./T.P.R prod.) Aut + Djane Electro Luna (Nandan prod.) CH

Psykos is 29 year old Markus Kos from Tirol. His intrerest in Psytrance started around 1999 and thats when he got infected. After visiting many parties he began djing 5 years ago and later started to organize the Fairy´s dream and Trimurti parties in Insbruck.......he likes to play deep night dark mystical psycedelic sets.

Lina Taras alias Djane Electro Luna get already as a young teen soon addicted to the psytrance music and made her first experiences with this kind of music in Moscow, Russia. She felt in love to the dark side of psytrance music and was influenced by the sounds from labels like parvati records. Back in Austria she discovered her attitude for hard night-sound from artists as yab yum and electrypnose from the swiss label peak records and or sound from Axaz Syndrom, Audialize, Exaile, Delsid and many many more. Standing for one year behind the desks, she decided in 2008 to work together with the swiss based psytrance-label nandan production where she?s also in the management and responsible for marketing and PR tasks. Djane Electro Luna is the newest sign from nandan production and with her unique style to play hard and fast psy-music sets but always well built up, she expands the spectrum of the nandan sound. Electro Luna is an upcoming artist and her music will take you on a journey through the night!

DJ MERRIADOC (Sared Evil Records)/ AUT

I am Christoph Penninger,24 years old dj from austria. i play since 3 years Dark+Twisted Psy sets. i started playing with a couple of frinds in a club near my hometown.Some parties ago i went to the Scared Evil Records.I have not a lot to say, but " Fuck your Brain and have fun".DarkPsy is the only thing to bring my body and my mind in one vibration!!!


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