Dec 19, 2008 20:00:00 - Dec 20, 2008 07:00:00, Perchtoldsdorf near Vienn...

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Date: Dec 10, 2008
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Live: PSYTRAIN (Millenium Records,ger) FIRST TIME IN AUSTRIA!!!!!! LIVE mit E-Gitarre!!!!!!!!!!

Psytrain has been founded in May 2003 after a series of small private parties that we celebrated together in spring. While making music together, just for the fun of it, we found out that this has potential and we decided to go about it more seriously.

Patrick had done trance music since 1999, initially under the name the name Bass Massaker together with his friend Manuel Dempewolf. They had their first release on the Beatport compilation done by JumJam Records.Wolfgang has been involved in electronic music since 1986, but more as a programmer and architect of the well known music software Cubase and Nuendo.

COMBINATIONS (Groove Criminals Rec/Turbo Trance Rec,isr) LIVE!!!!!

DJs: TRICK CYCLISTS (Lucid Crew,aut)

HORIZON (Cosmixed Society,usa)

ORIGIN (Interplay of Forces,aut)

A-LIZ (,aut)

SYMBIOSIS (Lucid Crew,aut)

20:00-21:30 Symbiosis
21:30-23:30 Trick Cyclists
23:30-00:45 Horizon
00:45-02:00 Origin
02:30-04:00 Psytrain LIVE!
04:00-05:30 Combinations LIVE!
05:30-07:00 A-Liz

Perchtoldsdorf near Vienn...

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