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Oct 17, 2008 22:00:00 - Oct 18, 2008 18:00:00, Cologne

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Date: Oct 12, 2008
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Live: **************************Psycedelic groove floor**********************************
AHN´QUYIN (Wannas Tribes) TH

Ahn'Quyin was born in 1972. In 1999 he got his first synthesizer. The following years he produced the typical melodic trance of that time and was also involved in music compositions for radio and television advertisement. Since his last journey to Thailand in 2006 he produces mostly ambient, psychedelic chillout, goa + psytrance and is daily grateful to travel actively through the world of waveforms, oszilators, LFO's, filters and modulations, in which there's so much to investigate and to discover. A fascination every time :-)

NOIZED (SonicTantra / Ultiva / D.A.R.K. rec.) GER

psycedelic vom feinsten!!!

CONNEXX (savva rec./freaks on tour)

PARATOX (Spontaneos aerobics/Rudraksh rec./Fullmoon festival 2008) GER

two guys from the middle of germany and we produce our own music since 3years... in 1994 we heard psycedelic trance the first time in a club in "sauerland"/germany...we first started with mixing in the last years we played at a lot of partys in germany and switzerland...

MARATHI (Tamil Rec./Fusion Festival 08 + Fullmoon Festival 08) LIVE PA

Marathi is Darko Dominko, a 33 year old from Hessen, Germany. Dj since 1993 and plays Fullon, Melodic Psy Trance + Progressive Trance.He started producing psy + goa trance in 1999. Musical influences are too many to mention - anything with groove and attitude, ranging from metal to electro-pop. He loves kick drums, and thundering big basslines! Psytrance was the natural choice of dance music for its power and creative flexibility. Keep the dancefloor rocking and the party-people entertained.

**************************Electro alternative floor**********************************

FM TURBINE (Midnignt Recordings (UK) + DCC Records (DE)

Die Feinsabstimmung der Sound-Aggregate übernehmen hier zwei echt gewachsene Freaks, die sich nun auf die grosse Reise gemacht haben um die Welt mit Ihren Sound zu verzaubern. Bewaffnet sind sie mit allerlei Gerätschaften,
für die treibenden Beats, angesägten Bass-Wellen,
und metallisch, klirrenden Frequenz-Modulationen.

Shenk, der Analogiker und der Digitalist Mr.Chief haben es sich schon seit einigen Jahren zur Aufgabe gemacht, dem jubelnden Party-Volk,genau das zu geben wonach man sich so oft gesehnt hat.

DUAL CONTROL (traumdanceria prod.) GER

*************************************chill out***************************************

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY (psyntology movement) 1,5 std LIVE
DJs: *************************Psycedelic groove floor**********************************

BIM (Midijum rec.)

MARATHI (Tamil Rec./Fusion Festival 08 + Fullmoon Festival 08)

NAD (psyntology movment/Traumdanceria prod.)

NICK + PETER aka PARATOX (Rudraksh rec./Spontaneos aerobics rec.)

DER LOTH (Waldfrieden)

KARMARA (Neo Gaja Project)

ASTRODELIC (Spacevision rec.)

STARSKY (substical rec./sinn-tec rec.)

K.L.AUDIO (pit stop prod.)

GRIMLOCK (tamil rec.)

MORPH (savva rec./freakos on tour)

DEWAIAS (pit-stop prod.)

**********************'*********Electro alternative floor********************************
SMENDRIX (Traumdanceria prod.)

ERIC CLAPTIONE (Rheinfeuern)

HAZE (creative task force.)


PETE BROOKER AKA electric f.x.

PAX aka 2 WEGE (Substitute rec/Traumdanceria prod.)

SOULFLOWROCKAZ ('Soultribe rec.)

MARCO SCHERER aka MELLER (AP rec./ music)


STEPHAN HENSE (psycho thrill rec.)


SHiBUJA (Traumdanceria prod.)


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