Germany  Amnesietheater -part 7- ****little horror adventure****

Oct 4, 2008 22:00:00 - Oct 5, 2008 18:00:00, ???????????????

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Date: Sep 16, 2008
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Live: Gorump Peyya (Import Exploit Rec./ Mazedonia)
Stranger (Tantrumm Rec./ Greece)
DigitalX (Triplag Music/Kagdilia Rec./ Cyprus)
Voc (B.P.M./ Cyprus+ Greece)
Kerberos (B.P.M./ Greece)
Freq Trik (Import Exploit Rec./ Mind Expansion/ Israel)
Rise of Evil (Evil Knivel Rec./ Portugal)
Khaos Sektor (Evil Knivel Rec./ Portugal)
M.O.T.B. (Import Exploit Rec./ Israel + Macedonia)
DJs: Ant (Mind Expansion/ Import Exploit Rec.)
Brain Attack (P.R. Productions/ Eat the Rich)
Abralabim (Amnesiecrew)
nOa zOe (Pi Production Rec.)


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