Germany  *LAST SUNDANCE* VIBE TRIBE LIVE (presented new Album)

Oct 4, 2008 22:00:00 - Oct 5, 2008 15:00:00, Winterberg/westfalen/NRW

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Date: Oct 4, 2008
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Live: *******VIBE TRIBE (PHÖNIX REC/ISR)******* (LIVE + DJ SET)
presents his 3 album "Destination Unknown"
Vibe Tribe is Stas Marnyanski (21) who has been making music since his early teens.
There are no limits to the indisputable talent of the mind wich is behind the "Vibe Tribe" project. The Russian-born Israely Stas Marnyanski (1985) who had been making music since his early teens. Stas started to produce music at age of 13, about four years later the things got more serius and his career moved to high gear. He started to release his first tracks on various compilations at diffrent lables with a purpose to bring something diffrent and fresh to the scene. Since joining to the Utopia Records family, his sound has gained the current fantastic, innovative and melodic high tech full-on style by which he is recognized. Indeed, after releasing two succesfull albums "Melodrama" (2004) and "Wise Cracks" (2006) and touring the world playing at every dancefloor where the electronic music played, was a confirmation of his solid talent and his ticket to worldwide acclaim. Vibe Tribe has been lifting dance floors everywhere from Japan to Brazil including all across Europe and rest of the world ever since.
Top-notch tracks by Vibe Tribe are also featured on most of the compilations that have been released in the last years by Utopia Records. Additionally he had also released numerous tracks on indies such as Neurobiotic Records, Shiva Space Technology , Turbo Trance Records, B.N.E Records, Crystal Matrix, Noga Records, and many others. Vibe Tribe?s remix to Infected Mushroom's track "Shakawkaw" that had been released as a bonus track on the LP version their "Converting Vegetarians" album (YoYo Records 2004) and was a huge hit at that time, played by most of the djs around the globe.

DJ Yoka - Head of Synphonie Records and organizer of the "FrühlingsSynphonie-Festival" and some other events...
My projects in the past were live-acts like "Extrasinn" and "Synphonetic" and different labels and event organizers like "Trance fair project" (Tanz ins Licht with Sven Dohse, Bimmel, Tapesh and many more in 1997 - the first live-set of Haldolium (in this time called Sun science LCR and friend) ;-)) or "neoVidea" (we organize "Frühlingszauber" and "Winterzauber" 2000/2001)

+++++++BITKIT (KAIROO REC / BE)+++++++++
presentsTracks from his upcoming 2 nd Album
Bitkit ( is Gunther Wyckmans, born in Belgium 1982.
A his passion for music started at a young age when received classical training in instruments such as trumpet + piano. Obsessed with rhythms, he hit the drums in a local band + later taught himself how to play on a djembé. Six years ago, he was frustrated by only having 2 hands + he started to make electronic music.
But his true calling manifested itself 2 years later when he discovered psy-trance. At first he dj-ed under the alias of DJ Thor, spinning the decks in Belgium as well as Holland + Germany. But soon enough he wasn't just happy with playing other people's productions + started to make his own tracks.
Through his broad musical education + experience he progressed rapidly. He spent many nights in the studio together with the boys from Lani. Because of their longtime friendship it was not just great fun but also a learning experience, which dramatically improved the quality of the production level.

********NOBU SAN (AKITOKA)********
NobuSan started in the year 2004. We played for the first time on a birthday party with 200 people. NobuSan uses roland MC-303 and MC-307, novation K-Station, gibson SG electric guitar, line6 Pod, notebooks and has much energy!!!!!!!!!!!!! NobuSan is: Axel and Fabian, 24 years old, living near to cologne, germany. We had liveacts on party..s together with Rajaram, Cromatone, Optokoppler and many many more! Our album will definetely be ready autumnal probably in the middle of november!

DJs: THOMAS (Hagen)
RAUM + ZEIT(Tranceforce Prod./Ger)
ARKADIUS-Li`l MOMO (Planet b.e.n REC)
MIRIKINA (Takitas World/GER)
KILIAN (Tranceforce /Akitoka/Ger)
DAREK + KID ALEX (Tranceforce)
SERENADE (Profusion rec)

MAINFLOOR: Nicht Raucherbereich !!!!!!!!!!!
23°°-24°° Mirikina
24°°-01°° Synphonetic (Live)
01°°-2.30°° Nobu San
02.30°°-06°° Vibe Tribe (Live + Dj set)
06°°-08.°° yoka
08.°°-09°° Bitkit (Live)
09°°-111°° Arkadius + Momo
11°°-13°° Serenade + Liquid Sun
13°°-????°° Surprise
22°°-24°° Thomas
24°°-02°° Darek + Kid Alex
02°°-04°° Kilian
04°°-06°° mirikina
06°°-08°° Raum + Zeit
08°°-10°° Seko
10°°-12°° open Decks

evtl.änderungen vorbehalten !!!!! ; ))


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