May 31, 2008 22:00:00 - Jun 1, 2008 07:00:00, Innsbruck

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Date: Jun 1, 2008
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Live: DELYSID - LIVE (Noize Conspiracy Rec.) BRA/MEX

The Minds behind the project Delysid are Juan Fontoira (Spain) and Andrew Olavarrieta (Mexico)
Delysid is now living in the hot bed of southamerican trance scene, Sao Paulo (Brazil), where their studio has been bombing the world with their unique productions....
Delysid style is Full-On psytrance.....something in between the morning delicious sounds and crazy pumping twilight night....... to lift up the dancefloor and make an hypnotic crazy atmosphere to go beyond the public vibrations.
They have mashed up the dancefloors of the biggest festivals around the globe like Universo Paralello (Brasil), Full Moon Festival (Germany), Odissey Festival (Mexico), Psybertech Festival, (Portugal), Existence Festival (Spain) and have played in many countries like Cyprus, Austria, Guatemala, Chez Republic, to name a few.
They just released their first album ?Noize Infection? on Noize Conspiracy Records and have released many tracks on different labels such as Nutek, Acidance, Materia, etc.
They just finished their second album based on 9 remixes from artists like Sirius Isness, Azax Syndrom, Menog,Cpu vs Massive , Outsiders, Exaile, and some more big names; to be released in the spring of 2008.. they will present it for the first time in Austria, Innsbruck, right here....!! Put on your dancing shoes!!

KHOPAT - LIVE (Noize Conspiracy Rec. / Spectral Rec.) POR

Khopat is Vasco Pedrosa from Portugal. Vasco discovered Psytrance Music in 1999 during his quest through elctronic music. Since then and based on a previous musical education background he decided to create his own psytrance project. Khopat's music concept relies on a very strong rhythm base mixed with all kind of psychedelic sounds. His music tries to lead the listeners to diverse cosmic environments, always allied with strong dance concept... In other words, music for mind and body! Khopat will visit Innsbruck for the second time and show u again what he can do to your bodys+minds...!!


BRAINHUNTERS - LIVE (Noize Conspiracy Rec. / Spectral Rec.) MEX/SPA

Brain Hunters is the project of Alfonso Zambrano. he was born in mexico city and he started to got involved with trance since 1998. His musical background goes from metal ,hardcore and all the electronic music styles.....he started djing in parties in mexico city in the late 90´s and due to this fact, he started producing his own frenetic style in 2005 under the name Brain Hunters. His style is mental (Hi-Tek) a bit industrial with hipnotic basslines, acid melodies and twisted textures that will drive crazy anyone in the dancefloors.He just finished his studies of audio engeneering in Madrid so he can improve his sound and develope a perfect ear. Brainhunters will be in Austria for the first time, right here, in Innsbruck...

DJs: PAGAT (Noize Conspiracy Rec. / Manipura Anahata Proj.) AUT

SZIG-SZAG (Manipura Anahata Proj.) SRB

PHILOSO (Manipura Anahata Proj.) AUT

JAN DELIC (Scared Evil Rec. / Earthmission Proj.) AUT

CRAZY FRAGGLE (profusion rec. / blubbb prod.Vienna) AUT

PSYKOS (Psyence Rec./ 24/7 Media/ Scared Evil Rec.) AUT

CINARA (Psyence Rec. / Crazy Goblins) AUT

MERRIADOC (Junge Künste) AUT

DELYSID DJ- SET (Noize Conspiracy Rec. ) BRA/MEX

KHOPAT DJ- SET (Noize Conspiracy Rec. / Spectral Rec.) POR

BRAINHUNTERS DJ-SET (Noize Conspiracy Rec. / Spectral Rec.) MEX/SPA



22:00-23:30 DJ Crazyfraggle
23:30-2:30 DJ Pagat vs. DJ SzigSag vs. DJ Philoso
2:30-4:30 KHOPAT (Live+DJ-Set)
4:30- End DELYSID (Live+DJ-Set)

DARK (Crash)

22:30-24:00 DJ Merriadoc
00:00-02:00 BRAINHUNTERS (Live+DJ-Set)
02:00- End DJ Psykos / DJ Jan Delic / DJ Cinara


..Änderungen sind wie immer bis zur letzten Sekunde vorbehalten.. =)


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