South Africa  A Fu-Cha Gathering 2008

Feb 9, 2008 10:00:00 - Feb 10, 2008 17:00:00, Johannesburg

Date: Jan 15, 2008
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The first summer gathering or 2008 is upon the ‘Fu-Cha’ and what better way to give thanks to all who have contributed to the energy these festivals have created. ‘The Fu-Cha Gathering Summer Stomp’ will turn the beautiful Hornbill Ravine into a magical playground of psychedelic pleasure allowing all who make the trip to escape into a reality unknown to others… come join us for another anticipated outdoor adventure…

Main act:

..::Broken Toy::..

Broken Toy is James Copeland , a 27 year old from Cape Town, South Africa. He has produced psytrance with a unique, twisted funk style and a wide variety of moods for the dancefloor since 2001. From full-on to electro-funk, from deep and dreamy to tribal techno. Previous musical experiences include being a guitarist and bass player in a metal band and producing as a member of the more dark/full-on project ” Damage “.
Since 2004 he was taken up as an Alchemy records artist and has gigged all over the world - Brazil, India, Russia, The UK, Canada, South Africa, Israel, Mexico, France, Spain, Austria, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Japan and Australia. His self-titled debut album was released in May 2005 and he has just released his 2nd album, ” The Low , Down, Dirty sound of …” .
He was one of the pioneers of the Cape Town psytrance scene, producing alongside other artists from South Africa like Shift, Artifakt, Protoculture and Phyx. Since those early days a lot has changed, but the idea is still the same - Keep the dancefloor rocking and the party-people entertained. So expect the Broken Toy to keep bringing the noise to all the girls and boys!

For more info:

..::Other Features::..

The Dragonfly Culture Ambient Zone

The ‘Legends restaurant’ will be taking care of all your apetite’s needs including vegetarian foods.

Red Bull bar facilities and freindly
Interesting stalls selling a variety of festival merchandise (For stall trading please contact 083 652 5566)


Fu-Cha has set a high standard for itself at previous festivals
and understands what it means to live up to an unforgettable
experience… quality sound, mind blowing lighting & an intelligent visual experience will be taken one step further to ensure all who gather keep gathering some more…

Carin Dickson of Artescape will keep your eyes wondering with her talented artistic Décor abilities.

..::Fu-Cha Tips::..

Anyone who has been to a festival of this nature before will tell you that it’s essential to have your own space of accommodation. A tent shared amongst friends is perfect to have as a base to experience everything this festival has to offer. Your base will allow you to step out of the fun for a rest whenever you like. No need to be traveling back home at some silly hour.
(Please see camping and chalet accommodation under ticket info.)

Bring a warm jacket and at least one change of clothes to ensure your comfort.

Swimming gear, towels and sun block are essential.

A torch is always a handy item if you are camping.

Be sure to have these numbers incase you get lost on the way to Hornbill: 014 577 1223 or 082 856 3024

..::Ticket Info::..

R110 - Early Bird Pre-Sale tickets available from the 18th – 31st of January
R140 - Pre-Sale from the 1st of February
R160 - Tickets @ the gate on the day
R60 - Sunday day pass from 8AM

..::Ticket Outlets::..

Cameroon - Sandton, Eastgate & Woodlands(Pta)
Xogo - Cresta, The Glen, Park Meadows
Phase 2 - Fourways
Technics Dj Mix Club
Retro Music
Seedys - Hatfield(Pta)
Club Record bar - Lakeside Mall

Gates open 12noon and music will end 7pm Sunday night
For more info please mail us at or call 083 652 5566


Loads of shaded camping on lush green grass is available to pre-sale ticket holders only.
Gates will be open to camping pre-sale ticket holders from 10am

..::Chalet Accommodation::..

2, 3 and 4 sleeper accommodation is available at a nearby resort which is a short 5 minute walking distance from the rock pool. The walking trail along the river is safe and will be lit at night so no need to be driving around at all.
To make a reservation please mail

..::Need a lift???::..

We will be arranging alternative transport, for those who don’t have transport, please mail us @

..::The Tribes::..

Alien Safari, Alchemy Records, Red Eye, TeknoTribe, Psychotic Productions, Cold Project, Dragonfly Culture, Natural Groove, Fusion Underground, Digital Rockit, Unleashed, Sound Language

Open Air

..::In The Garden – Purely Psychedelic::..

Broken Toy (Alchemy records UK) (CT) - LIVE

Bruce (Afrogalactic records) (CT)

Cold Project (Vision Records/Amoeba Records) - LIVE

Digital Dream (Teknotribe) (DBN)

Dre’Ama (Teknotribe)

Insanecyde (Red Eye / Amoeba Records) - LIVE

Katalyst (Dragonfly Culture / Red Eye)

Killer B (Red Eye / Amoeba records) - LIVE

Martian (Red Eye)

Morph (Red Eye / Digital Chemistry)

Parallax (Dragonfly Culture/ Amoeba Records) – LIVE

Skymon (Dragonfly Culture)

SwiTcHcaChe (Psynopticz) (CT)

The Floating point (Dragonfly Culture)

Trip (Psychotic Productions)

Wobblz (Alien Safari) (CT)

..::@ The Rock Pool – Cutting edge electronic::..

Angelo Viera (Unleashed)

Craig P (Unleashed)

Chris Palmer (TeknoTribe)

Deep Candy (Unleashed)

Digital Rockit (Dogstarr,G-Force, Fabio)

Erica Elle (Natural Groove)

Jason Lee (Unleashed)

Jimmy Chronic (Fusion Underground)

Karmi (Unleashed)

Lady Lea (Natural Groove)

Manuel Oettl (Natural Groove/Fusion Underground)

Nic Grater ( TeknoTribe)

Nic Lumb (Fusion Underground)

Profound (Unleashed)

Ricardo Da Costa (Natural Groove)

Rob Toca (Fusion Underground)

Roger D’Lux (Natural Groove)

Sound Language (Dom, Jose)

Swurv (Unleashed)


Carin Dickson of Artescape will keep your eyes wondering with her talented artistic Décor abilities.


The Hornbill Rock Pool



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