Nepal  Maha Shivaratri Music, Arts & Lifestyle Festival

Mar 6, 2008 12:00:00 - Mar 8, 2008 12:00:00

Date: Jan 15, 2008
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Welcome to the 2nd year of Maha Shivaratri Music, Arts & Lifestyle Festival
6, 7 and 8th of March 2008

Join us to celebrate “the night consecrated to Shiva”

Unite in dance, love, peace and happiness.

The Shivaratri festival is a 3 day open air tribal trance gathering.
A magical explosion of art, music, and expression.

Enjoy the alternative living in nature on the free camping grounds
be free and share the poisitive energy .

The VENUE is located in Nagarkot, 45 minutes drive from Kathmandu.
Travel Buses will leave from the Tantra Bar in Thamel (phone 4218565)
starting on the 6th of march from 14:00 onwards

Camping starts from the afternoon of 6th March.

Please bring your own camping gear, tents, sleeping bags, etc.
Tents can be hired at the venue.

The entire infrastructure (food, toilets, etc.) will from then on
be ready for use.

There will be a cash only bar for food and drinks.
Bring a smile, some good vibes and your dancing shoes
and get involved with the mystic powers
in the land of Lord Shiva
Boom Shankar

In the land of Lord Shiva;
the Dionysian reveler,
Lord of destruction and evolution

here you feel his presence everywhere

Open Air


MAD MAXX (phantasm rec.) Spain aka SIRIUS ISNESS

NAKED TOURIST (noise -poisen rec.) Germany

PARAHALU (Hungary)

MANUSSA (electronic-dope rec./pml) Germany

TIGHT (psychonauticmindlab) Kohphangan

KEROSENE CLUB (temple twisters) India

HYDRA(nocturnal wizard) India

DJ sets by:

GUISSEPPE ( parvati rec ), Denmark

ARJUNA ( parvati rec ), Italy

SABAII SABAII (sonic dragon) Thailand

SCOTTY (voov-experience) Germany

IGUANA (noise-poisen rec.) Germany

PAUL TYLOR(crystal matrix) Portugal

SATWAH (electronic-dope rec) Germany

SANUK (psychonauticmindlab) World

WHITE WIZARD (shaman flims) India

ANNELI (phantasm rec), Sweden

STOMP (Digital Distrotion), india

VIBE (nepa music), Nepal

KRANTI ( revolution rec ), Nepal

NISHAN (transporter), Nepal

KIKKS (atlantix tribe) Italy


PSYD India

Deco Team:


Technical Freaks ( Russia )


977- 9842462951, 977- 012336300



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