Jan 18, 2008, Athens

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Date: Jan 10, 2008
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Live: NOMAD *(Mindcontrol Rec.)*

Bio: Mael aka Nomad , started djing in Paris ,from hardcore scene to trancecore in the 90's.He became here quickly one of the good names of the parisian scene.Bringing a special technique of mixing Psytrance Vinyls when Dat tapes were the only way to comminicate this music.After this relation with the dancefloor ,Mael investigated himself into the music production to finalize a dream : crate his own music! In 1996 , Mael created abnd with Lestat aka Talamasca and Christof drouillet 'Absolum", to make togethe this incredible full on music under the name Of "Elixir".This ex 3dvision artist partner,promote his name all over the world : Tokyo , New York ,Tel Aviv,Mexico,Brazil,South Africa,Australia,India,Canada and all Europe...."Nomad's" Albums, Hyperactive (2001) , and Mad Attack (2003) ( plus a full discography in many compilations ).After 6 years in
collaboration with 3dVIsion , and djing for 13 years,Nomad + Talamsca decided to join forces together to create the new french label: "Mindcontrolrecords".

_ _

LIVE ACT By RADICAL DISTORTION *(Unicorn Music/Suntrip Rec.)*

Bio: Radical Distortion (John Spanos + Nick Politaridis) are 2 guys from Greece who started composing music together in september of 2003. John was composing music under the project name Mihabra since the beginning of 2000. Nick was in a project called Asinar composing melodic trance. Since february of 2005 their tracks were cooperations of Mihabra + Asinar until Radical Distortion came up to the surfice. Their style is psychedelic trance totaly inspired from old school psychedelic Goa trance (Transwave, MFG, Astral Projection, Man With No Name, Chakra, UX, etc) Now after releasing 2 albums ''Purple energy'' and ''Regenesis'' , Radical Distortion are working on their new album ''Psychedelic Dreams'' which is totaly Goa Trance style that will bring you back the golden times of 1995 + 1996!!.

_ _ _

DJs: DJ Set by DARK ELF *(DiscoValley Records/Dropout Productions)*

_ _

DJ Set by CRX *(HSS Records)*


DJ Set by N.O.M *(HSS Records)*


DJ Set by Electro Joseph *(Xtra Vibes)* - DJ / Remixer


DJ Set by DJ Anestis *(Half Owner Of Medusa Records)*

_ _

DJ Set by DJ Alkis *(Trancemissions - Atlantis 105.2 FM)*


DJ Set by Tripper *(aka Radical Distortion)*

_ Old School Set from one of the Radical Distortion Members

DJ Set by Agnostic *(Xtra Vibes)* ....... + Minimal Opening Set By DJ Innox





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