United States  TDC: Lycantrop Records Label Party in NYC

Nov 3, 2007, New York, NY

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Date: Oct 12, 2007
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BABA JELLY (Lycantrope Records, Beligium)

BABA JELLY: Karim discover techno in 1990 when the movement explore
the "night circle"of Paris (Boy's, Palace, Kit Kat),he was also
very present in hip hop and funk sound system and then he discovered
trance stage in 1993. Jelly was an inevitable member of the French
trance underground of that period (party promoter, deco, etc)
He start(s) to compose trance music with a Spanish friend in 1993.
In the end of 1999 he joined with Raphael and form DATAKULT,
Jelly Headz project is created with Fabio in 1996. Several different
project with Karim have seen the day from that date as "THE MANY FACES"
with DEJAN, BABA JELLY (which is Karim own project), and more recently
VICIOUS ALCHEMY with CHRYSALID. HEADZ:Fabio discover the techno movement
first in UK in 1990. He learned to mix and became an inevitable techno
and Drum+Bass Dj. During 10 years, Fabio played in many party's in France
and in some other countries. Trance is part of him from 1993. In 1994,
it is Said Acher, eminent member of DENSHI DANSHI from POF records
(one of the first French trance project) with who Fabio started to learn
the music, later he join "CYCLOID" project with Julien (DIGITAL TALK),
and Raphael Befort (DATAKULT, and finally, Jelly Headz is formed in 1996.

DJ IGUANA - (Parvati/Noise Poison Records, Germany)

Björn is DJ IGUANA and one part of Naked Tourist, a Psytrance project
born and based in Germany since 2000. The last years he has been travelling
around the world performing with his project partner, Martin/Z-NEO aka
Zoneotura, in several countries. Since Martin is working in a weekly job
and next to producing a new-school psychedelic break beat album, Iguana has
to travel by himself to some parties and festivals. In 2006 he was in over
over 20 different countries.

The Naked Tourist Artist Album (Mad Different Methods) which Z-Neo and
Iguana produced, is released on Parvati-Records and it is working perfectly
on the dancefloors in the diffrent countries they are performing. The
massive feedback from the audience and fans is making the Tourist guys
work even harder!! They continuously try to push the level of quality of
their music and are always searching for new ideas to make the people on
the dancefloor jump and flip out !!!... Upcoming Naked Tourist releases are
the pipe and soon on parvati records !!!

Psychedelic trance is since 1999 the style DJ Iguana loves to play and
His sets are more for the night and early morning time, with spooky vibes
and full power the music is waiting for you when you join the party with
Iguana... He likes the description "Forest Music" when someone ask him what
style he is playing... Forest music between 0 and 200 bpm, everything is
possible with total experimental tendencies!!! His Dj sets always starts
more minimalistic and than he builds them up to more serious psychedelic
night music.

BIUS (Blacksheephybrid Rec. Phi) VS. EGNOGRA (Shaman Films Rec. SF/NYC)

KOLHOZ (Svetloe Budushee, Rus)


+49 151 53689126

source: goabase.org/party/details/34455

New York, NY

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