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Oct 12, 2007 22:30:00 - Oct 13, 2007 06:00:00, Sheffield

Date: Sep 22, 2007
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ADV TIX from The Plug Box Office on tinterweb from:

An all star international cast for our October party…

E-JEKT journey over from Israel on their first trip to the UK. Their tough high energy psychedelic trance has taken them to parties all over the world. E-JEKT’s pumping tunes have been a feature of many a DJ set at Zogg and so we’re very proud to host their first show outside of London.

GABA from Brazil has been building up quite a name for himself on the London circuit with his funky full on sound – so look out for what will be a great Sheffield debut.

DIL & GREG ZOGG complete the bill as ever. The dynamic duo are fresh from summer festivals appearances and recent gigs in Poland and the Czech Republic where they’ve has been rocking dance floors with their unique blend of trance, techno and psy.

Of course the venue will be flouro’dtof*ck (as their early flyer used to say); look out for performers, UV stalls, visitations with tough, pumping and very cosmic sounds; plus one of the most mixed, friendly, up-for-it crowds you’re likely to come across.. disco dollies to dreads, punks to ravers…hippies to clubbers… in fact anyone up for a party in welcome & present on Planet Zogg!!



E-JEKT - live

GABA (Psy Invasion)

DIL (Planet Zogg/Karma)

GREG ZOGG (Planet Zogg/Ripsnorter)


Cosmic visuals by JEDI


£8 adv + b4 11/£10 aft


+44(0)7801 967902

website: http://www.planetzogg.co.uk

The Plug (Neutral)

Matidla St

S1 4QD Sheffield S Yorks

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