United States  Alladin Group Presents: Hux Flux, Sesto Sento, Gataka LIVE

Nov 16, 2007, NYC

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Date: Sep 18, 2007
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Live: Hux Flux Live (Spiral Records, Sweden)

Sesto Sento Live (Compact Records, Israel)

Gataka Live (Compact Rec./Phonokol Rec, Israel)

DJs: Luis (Alladin Group, NYC/Brazil)

Roi Revolution (South Florida Psytrance, FL)

Elnadiv (Alladin group/Orb Records, NYC/Israel)

Electro Room:

DJ Paula Pedroza (NYC/Brazil)

Grains of Sound (Baltimore)

Steve-o (Gaiamind/Spectra NYC)

Ekoplex (Aurora Boreal Records, Canada)


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