Greece  Psysex & Solar Fx live

Sep 8, 2007 - Sep 9, 2007 10:00:00, Thessaloniki

Date: Aug 24, 2007
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Deco by Phychomind
Entrance Fee 20e
Doors open at 00:00

Suported by / Plasmatica Group / Seven Video Net



PSYSEX (Hommega Rec) Dj Set

Psy Sex is Udi Sternberg (27, aka DJ Goblin) from Israel. He started working with Yoni Oshrat (27, aka Schatsi, Ace ventura) in 1998 under the name "Children of the doc". In 1999 they decided to change their project name to "Psy Sex" and released their debut album "Expressions of rage" which was successfully followed by the release of their breakthrough follow up albums "Hardcore blastoff" in 2001 and "Come in peace" in 2003. The due are known to be influenced by their love to the sci-fi genre and for their unique style of a high quality full on twisted trance fused with intelligent breakbeats. All covers of PsySex albums have been always titled as 5 star artworks. Last year (2005), Celebrating 7 years of musical statements, Israel's most dominant psychedelic act released a tribute album full of remixes for their greatest hits.

These days DJ Goblin is working on a new album which will include collaborations with some of the best artists the scene has to offer!

SOLAR FX (Moonsun Rec/Plasmatica) Live act

Solar Fx are Telis Darkman & Absolut Zero from Thessaloniki/Greece, They started producing music at the beginning of this century. They finished their first track at 15/3/2000,track name data links. After that they produced many tracks that AbsolutZero was playing at his dj sets. At 16 April 2003 they performed their first live act at Cabana club/Thessaloniki/Greece, Ppl liked their music so they kept producing tracks till their next live act at Aridea/Greece 1 May 2004. and 28 August 2004 at Edessa/Greece Till then they didn't make any release because they didn't feel ready yet. At 14 April 2007 they played live at Ydrogeios/Thessaloniki, they had big success and know they are ready to make their first releases. The music style is psychedelic trance groovy full on...and they are ready to trance you....

Absolut Zero(Moonsun rec/Plasmatica) dj set

Soner(Eternal Motion)dj set


by Phychomind





Thessaloniki Thessaloni

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