Belgium  New projekt : FREAKS STREET with SCORB live

Nov 23, 2007, near antwerpen soon onlin...

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Date: Nov 8, 2007
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Live: SCORB (Ambivalent records/Uk)
Ady Connor (Scorb aka DJ Yod) is an artist and DJ for both Ambivalent and Last Possible Solution (LPS). Ady also performs Graphic Design duties for both labels including Cd covers, Party promotion and Merchandise.

Ady has a number of side projects: RAM, a Full-On project with Paul Wright (NRS), Squid Inc., A dark progressive project With Santos De Castro (Deviant Species), and Orzel's Machine, a Techno project With Mike Rucinski (Numbworx).

MENTAL SPARK (Nothern psylight records/nor/fr/jp)
The beautifull mix between french energy full on and groovy japanese guitar style ever with psychedelic mind!!

DARK ECO (lysergic asylum/be)
Very good dark project !! with young and fresh vibes! ( LAST DARK ECO SET EVER!! )

DJs: CRISPOD (Mental spark/fr)
TIBEDO (Warm-up style/Freaks Street/Be)
DEVICE ( Forbidden plants/pt)
MOZKATT (ganesha space garden/pt)
KUSTOM (Freaks Street/fr)


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near antwerpen soon onlin...

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