Austria  "ZAIKA'DELOCO"=Manipura-Anahata Proj.#6 //(1 Year Manipura)

Nov 24, 2007, Innsbruck

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Date: Sep 29, 2007
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Live: :::.....***** LIVEACTS FROM SWITZERLAND *****.....:::

*** DANCING DEVIL (Woodroom Rec. / Swiss) ***
(more Infos and Sounds visit :: )

*** SENSUAL SQEAK (Woodroom Rec. / Psychedelic System Rec. / Swiss) ***
(more Infos and Sounds visit :: )

*** SUNCOLLECTOR (Woodroom Rec. / Swiss) ***
(more Infos and Sounds visit :: )

...hopefully dear friend *** DEX (Woodroom Rec./ Swiss // Paris) *** will also finish his NEW WORKS - "DEX IS BACK"...we`ll see... =)
DJ DEX will be FLEWN in from PARIS, specially for this Event!!Prepare for the Professionalists Return..
(...more 2 come soonish...)
(...sooner or later, time will tell...;)

more INFOS about WOODROOM REC. visit ::


DJs: The CONCEPT for this Event is to build up the inner friction and Energy of the Audience all Night...
(like it has never been seen before in Innsbruck!!)
(The Party will approximately take place on 2 different floors, one for slower, one for faster tunes... so we can manage to get all the music into the Lineup that we like and want to present...=)

(for sure to play:)


DJ MITRA PAGAT(Manipura Anahata Proj.)
DJ SZIG-SZAG (Manipura-Anahata Proj.)
DJ PHILOSO (Manipura-Anahata Proj.)
DJ NECRONOMIC (Manipura-Anahata Proj.)

FRIENDS (already confirmed)

DJ DEX (Woodroom Rec. / Switzerland)
DJ ANIMATEKK (Woodroom Rec. / Switzerland)
DJ COSINUS (Woodroom Rec. / Germany)
DJ PSYKOS (24/7 media - label DJ / Cristal Code distr. / Tirol)
DJ JAN DELIC (Earthmission Project / Tirol)
DJ G-TRIBE (Earthmission Project / Tirol)
(more coming 2 be confirmed...)

...Lineup is growing and growing hehe...
.......some national and international friends..!!

There will be DJ`s teamed up, so 2 of em for evry 2 hours...
this will have an effect on the artists, giving each others influences and creative pushes,
- like as if they were TALKING in MUSIC.. =))
(..Part of the Manipura-Anahata Concept..)


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