Germany  Xenomorph and Dimitri Zara - Record Release Party

Sep 28, 2007, Berlin

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Date: Sep 2, 2007
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Live: Xenomorph - (Gnostic Rec) Ger
Dimitri Zara - (Pi-Production Rec) Gre
Bombax - (Pi-Production Rec) Ger
Synthogen - (Pi-Production Rec) Gre
B-Art - Ger

DJs: Naked Tourist Iguana DJ set - (Parvati Rec, Shaman Electro; Noise Poison) Ger
Dimitri Zara - (Pi-Production Rec) Gre
Conxion (Limbogott)
Merry:) - (Evilknivel Rec, Gaggalacka) Ger
Chinaski - (Psydonym Media) Ger
Centaure - (Pi-Production Rec) Ger
Lars Lee - (Pi-Production Rec) Ger
Digital Joy (Independent)
Jeff (Freak Society)
Psydan (Evil Knivel)
Jairam+Fabs (Tribaltools)
Canibal Crow (Psycrowdelica, Evil Knivel)
Soundviecher (Trishula, Mindfunk)
Lala (Tribaltools)
Goanoa (Tribaltools)
Humanoid (Tribaltools)
Norm (Analavory Project)
and Friends





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