Nepal  Shanti Jatra Full Moon Festival

Oct 26, 2007 - Oct 28, 2007

Date: Jun 14, 2007
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The magic of Nepal is both enchanting and paradisiacal. From the world's highest mountains to dense lowland jungles, Nepal is one of the most diverse and exotic destinations on earth. With an uncanny blend of natural splendor, pleasant weather and a gradually growing psychedelic culture – archaic and electronic- Nepal is a trance lover’s paradise. Initiated as a platform for communal harmony, spirituality in dance, eco-consciousness and a psychedelic lifestyle, Shanti Jatra presents an International Full Moon Festival during October 26-28, 2007.

With International artists from cutting edge psychedelic record labels plus local talent, 2 stages, enlightened decor, clean sound system, bar, camping area, eco-friendly toilets and showers in a natural backdrop, this full moon festival promises to be a beautiful gathering of like minded souls.

Welcome to psychedelic culture in Nepal.


Borderland Resort is located 16 kilometers south of the Tibetan border and 3 hours drive from Kathmandu Valley alongside the gush and thrill of the enthralling Bhotekhosi river.

Travel: Buses will leave from Tantra Bar, Thamel from 12 - 2 pm on 26th October. Buses will return to Kathmandu on 28th October. Local buses to Kathmandu are available from the venue.
Phone: 4218565 (Tantra)

Ticket price: Nepalese Rs 2000, INR. 1250.00, Euro 23.00, at the door for the 3-day festival, which includes a bus ride from Kathmandu to the Festival Venue and back to Kathmandu. You are most welcome to bring your own tent and a limited number of tents will also be available for hire at the venue. There are acres of flat-land available for free camping.

Pre purchase ticket available at:
Nepa Music Outlets, Thamel.
Tantra Bar, Thamel

Food and Drinks: There will be a cash only bar for food and drinks.

Open Air

Main Stage : Artists & Djs

Syntax Error ( Parvati Records, Denmark )

Neuromotor ( Mechanik Records, France)

Iron Madness ( Beyond Logic Records, Israel )

Giuseppe ( Parvati Records, Denmark )

Vectro Electro ( Geomagnetic Records, Israel )

SofiaX ( Mental Cruelty Records, Athens )

Winter Demon ( Noize Conspiracy Records, Israel)

Gidra ( Parvati Records, Dubai )

Xiaoyu ( Sub Kesat, Israel)

Psychoz (Geomagnetic Records, Macedonia)

Moonsun ( Moonsun/Metatron/Boundless Music Records, Greece )

Braindrop ( Freakuencies, Dubai )

White Wizard ( Shamanfilm Records / Kabrathor Records, India )

Dj Nick ( ShivLink Records, India )

Nitin ( Beyond Logic Records, India )

Janux ( Soundspecies, India )

Dale (India)

Aseem ( Shanti Jatra, Nepal )

Bhatte ( Shanti Jatra, Nepal )

Vibe ( Nepa Music Production, Nepal )

Kranti ( Revolutions Records, Nepal )

Tricky ( Australia )

Chill Out / Alternative Stage : DJs

Dj Shanti Alien (Israel)

Dj Nick (India)

Dj Psychogenesis (Lebanon)

Dj Shiven (Nepal)

DJital (Nepal)




Nepalese Rs 2000, INR. 1250.00, Euro 23.00, at the door for the 3-day festival, which includes a bus ride from Kathmandu to the Festival Venue and back to Kathmandu




Borderland Resort

3 hours from Kathmandu

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