Greece  PARASENSE + SPACE TRIBE in Athens @ Club 22 on Sat. 09 June

Jun 9, 2007, Athens

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Date: Jun 7, 2007
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Live: PARASENSE Live Perfomance (Crystal Matrix // Russia)
Parasense is Alex Kurkin from Russia.Living in Moscow he is considered to be one of the best Russian artists in the trance scene with dedicated fans all over the world.Originally Alex was collaborating with his good friend and partner Zolod and together they released three albums,Apple and Avangard on greek based Acidance Records and Past Present Future on the portugese based Crystal Matrix including the most insane and pumping night time stuff which is more than enough to keep your brain occupied on the dancefloor.After that Zolod decided to focus more on his Freaking project while Alex kept the Parasense name and compiled a cd named Life for Crystal Matrix including big psy trance names like GMS,Talamasca,Xerox And Illumination,Joti and more.The group reunited in the middle of 2005 but Zolod died on the first days of January 2006 in an accident in Moscow.Today Alex is working on his upcoming Parasense album plus some releases on various labels of the scene.Be prepared for a storming live perfomance!

SPACE TRIBE Live Perfomance (Solstice Music // Australia)
Originally from England,but now living in Australia,Olli Wisdom has been a member and a pioneer of the trance scene for many years since 1988.
In 1995 the first Space Tribe tracks were hatched in the studio with Simon Posford and Olli was immediately signed on the prestigious Spirit Zone Records based in Germany releasing countless tracks and albums for Antaro's label and collaborating with artists such as Electric Universe,X Dream and GMS.From Brazil to Japan and from South Africa to India finally Space Tribe is again in Europe for his summer tour and he is back to Greece for a memorable live perfomance not to be missed under any circumstances.

DJs: OLLI WISDOM DJ Set (Solstice Music // Australia)

SOFIA X DJ Set (Mental Cruelty Records // Greece)

MOONSUN DJ Set (Moonsun Records // Greece)


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