Netherlands  Alternate Current

Mar 3, 2007 23:00:00 - Mar 4, 2007 05:00:00, Amsterdam

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Date: Feb 14, 2007
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''.. complementally directed,
similar to the bipolar activity
of cerebral hemispheres
when operating optima forma,
tides of possibilectricity
guide the universal surface ripples,
shifting the convergent accretion
of harmonic frequencies
to follow the peaks and troughs
of an alternate current

- Omnipresent Polyphase Systematics
Lani Kolates (1881)

an electro & progressive night
engaged by the Prog as a Frog team
sky high on a Rembrandt square
near you

10k line array sound system included

Entrance: 12 neuro

Link to Google Maps


RamDas (Germany)


Zen (

Back to Mars (Centipede Productions)


Crystal Visuals provided by
Rorschach & Rorschach



Penthouse Amstel 70


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