Greece  16 Feb 2007 Ultimae in Athens

Feb 16, 2007, Athens

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Date: Feb 14, 2007
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Founder of Ultimae records and the trance and ambient band Asura (Chaos Ultd, Spirit zone, HomMega), he specialised in sampling and recording.
His marked liking for ambient music led him to mix in chill out all around the world (Glastonbury, Sonica 2005, Fairy Tales, Synergy Project, Labyrinth, Boom Festival, Zoom, USA tour, No Man's Land, Rhakti Dei...)

Influenced by 70's floating music as well as world and electro acid, he offers some long and varied chills (from 3 to 5 hours) : semi-rythmic, hypnotic, ethnic, meditative ambient music. His mix are wavering between abyss and sparkles, a style based on superposition, smothering, light and shadows. He always constructs his sets as stories, the chapters are opened and closed one by one.

Since he left Asura, Vincent has been concentrating on his new ambient project AES DANA and collaborates via Internet and on stage with swedish artist SOLAR FIELDS under the project name HUVA NETWORK.


He will perform the Incredible CODE internity plus tracks from the new
new album Live 2

For more than five years, the band ASURA has polished a personal electronic universe sound, between trance psychedelic, Ambient and World music.
Made by many influences, their music does not remain about it less one personal and considered creation, centered on the perpetual search of infinite spaces and multiple origins. Monotonous melancholic lyrics, symphonic waves, fast and slow rhythms, heavy or throbbing, liturgical songs, the band ASURA introduces a certain solemn vision of the world. Built around electronic machines and acoustic instruments, their music is a curiosity. Recognized everywhere, little known in France, their title " Mother Gaa " however had many dance at the time of large Trance raves in Israel, Germany and Australia. Vincent Villuis left the band to concentrate on his new project : Aes Dana and was replaced by Alex Ackerman.

Since July 2005, Asura is only composed by C. Farewell

DJs: MAHIANE DJ SET [compiler Of Oxycanta]

Co-founder and manager of Ultimae records , Mahiane aka Sunbeam occasionaly participates to the downtempo and trance Aes Dana project.

She discovered trance while living in England through the work of deejays such as John Digweed and the Renaissance compilation, later it was the Return to the Source parties, Pendragon,...Her love for the scene and the music led her to work with Vincent Villuis on the Ultimae label.
Today she spins ambient and progressive, a spacey and melodic sound ideal for warm ups and early morning drift
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