United States  Kinetic 2 with Ace Ventura and more @ Pacific Science Center

Feb 17, 2007, Seattle, WA

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Date: Jan 8, 2007
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Live: IOSIS Art Party Insect Trance:
Ace Ventura (Iboga Records ? Israel - LIVE SET!) http://www.iboga.dk

Breaks + Freaks Playground:
PURE Cirkus http://www.purecirkus.com
The Flashbulb (Sublight Records - Chicago - LIVE SET!) http://www.theflashbulb.net


DJs: IOSIS Art Party Insect Trance:
Osiris Indriya(Iboga Records, Oracle Gatherings, IOSIS Art Party - SEA) http://www.osirisindriya.com
Amanita (IOSIS Art Party - Seattle) http://iosis.tribe.net/; http://www.myspace.com/iosisartparty
David Justin (Psybooty Records - SF) http://www.psybooty.com
*Christine* (Vaporvent Records ? CA) http://www.vaporvent.com/

Uniting Souls Animal House:
JT Donaldson (Om / Gallery Music - SF)
Jon Lemmon (Uniting Souls Music - Seattle) http://www.unitingsouls.com
Ramiro (Uniting Souls ? SEA) http://www.unitingsouls.com
DJ Mercedes (PDX) http://www.myspace.com/ladycubana
Manos (Uniting Souls - SEA) http://www.myspace.com/djmanos

Breaks + Freaks Playground:
Derek Fisher and the perfect cyn (SexyRobotMusic - PDX) http://www.sexyrobotmusic.com
Mendicants (SEA) http://www.mendicants.org/
Basilik (SEA)




source: goabase.org/party/details/29157

Seattle, WA

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