Ukraine  Eleusis Mystery

Jan 20, 2007 22:00:00 - Jan 21, 2007 22:00:00, Lviv

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Date: Dec 15, 2006
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"… from the ancient time a miracle of the earth, which awakes on
spring, excited human, forcing to think about World's mystery. The
grass withered, ripe ear fell, but every year it became obvious that
nature's death was only a dream. Sleeping in earth like dead, the seed
grew up to the Sun as sprout. Meadows and mountains' slopes were
covered by new green. People saw manifestation of eternal cosmic flow
in this process, where, smite by regiments of Dark, forces recover and
celebrate. Immovability of life was interpreted as statement about
immortality, as abode of Nature, which contain a condition of eternal
life for human as well…
During the very high point of winter, but with premonition of its end,
we begin more often remember about its power. The power of spring, the
symbol of degeneration. This tradition is founded in antique Eleusis,
which mysteries are known in ancient Greece from VII century B.C."


Full-power Trance stage:

Jet [Semi_Conductors, Sky Gravity rec.] Kyiv

Already Maged [Insomnia rec. Golden Dawn rec. Skygravity rec. Organic

Alchemy rec.] Lviv

Omsun [Moon Koradji] Kyiv

special guest

Kulu member of Metallaxis [Trishula rec. Manic Dragon. Temple Twisters

rec. Devil's Mind rec. Nabi rec. Dropout Productions. Discovalley

rec.] Greece.

Liinad [Clocktail Monks] Odesa

Suomi & Goa Trance stage:

Oz [CuBe Group, Metapsychic Records] Lviv

Sneak [Semi_Conductors] Kyiv

MeSHOK [CuBe Gruop] Lviv

Petrix [Trance Carpatia Art Unity] Uzhghorod

Êîëåãà Ïðóëü [Green Eye Pro] Kharkiv

Chill Out zone:






Creative Minds (Kyiv)
CuBe Group (Lviv)
Paul Spider (Lviv)
Trance Carpatia Art Unity (Uzhghorod)


30 UAH for ppl from another cities, 40 UAH w/ flyer, 30 UAH w/o flyer



Povitryana Str 20

Lviv UA

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