Germany  SYNERGY TRIBE with Klopfgeister, Wicked Ones, Vanja and more

Dec 13, 2007 22:00:00 - Dec 14, 2007 12:00:00, Solingen

Date: Dec 15, 2006
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(iono music/ -Presenting their new Album

WICKED ONES -- live!

(mental arts/synergy tribe) –Liveact with live Drummer!


(liquid & solid rec/synergy tribe/voov06) -macedonia


(very progressive/synergy tribe)



alternative chill & minimal tech

AUDIN (synergy-tribe)

PEZOID (hallu-gen / synergy tribe)

F.L.U.X. (synergy tribe / very progressive)

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Their first release was in 2004 on Mental Arts and the Track "How to become a psychic" is a massive Dancefloor Burner until today.

In 2005 they released their first Album on famous Psy-Label "Balloonia" called "Sweet Compromise", which got attention worldwide because of its melodic, emotional, progressive but also psychedelic approach.

Their sound changed and developed within the years and now they can offer a full range of musical styles. From powerful rocking Nightsound to emotional progressive Morningsound and Ambient - just like the Party and the time needs it.

Their new Album “Sunflavoured” climbed to Number 1 in the Psyshop Album Charts within a week, and it seems like it´s stuck there, as it keeps the topspot since nearly 4 weeks now.

Until now they are well known for their very special Live Acts, and the fact that the play nearly 100 % real live, makes every gig a very special experience for the audience.

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Wicked Ones

In august 2005 the composer, producer, drummer and studio-owner Mecky Gruner came together with trance Dj and producer Peter Puls, who already released his second artist album under the artist name "Puls " called 'Over the Slipstream' on Mental Arts Records.

A few weeks later they decided to join forces and create a special live-performance of the slipstream-album.

Soon they found out that this special mixture of driving trance-grooves, live dubs and live drums & percussion became something wicked.

Many ideas for new tracks came up and the guys decided to give this baby a new name: WICKED ONES.

During spring and summer 2006 they played several gigs for german party organizers like Synergy Tribe, Waldfrieden and Inner Circle and got really good feedback from the dancing crowd they rocked with their wicked style.

Right now they are constantly working on new material. Their plan is to finish the first Wicked Ones -album until the end of 2006. so watch out !

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... is one of the founders of the Macedonian trance scene, starting in 1995 one of the pioneer projects in electronic music in Macedonia called "Unique" and performing on some of the first most significant events in Macedonia in general such as Tribal gathering, Crossing Borders festival etc. Also working with multimedia projects such as "Sindy 'F Rella and the Unique" and "Biosquad".

Actively involved in the trance scene since '96 as a dj and musician, making his own parties under several marks from which the most significant so far is Transforma. Being recognised for the deep, groovy, tribal psychedelic and progressive sound Vanja has performed since years back in countries like Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Morocco, South Africa.

Vanja is currently part of Synergy Tribe and Ov-Silence Records and crew from Germany and Liquid and Solid records and crew from Serbia.

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Next to his passion as being a dj, F.l.u.x. is the founder of Synergy-Tribe.

He started DJ-ing in 1998 at the Backyard-Club, on the island Koh Phangan in Thailand and made himself quickly a well know name in the progressive dance scene of Koh Phangan and Eastern Thailand. Residency at the infamous Fullmoon-Party on Koh Phangan followed shortly afterwards.

In Germany he became soon a well known DJ aswell and by now he played on some of the mayor festivals like Wonderland in Germany or Spirit Base in Austria and at clubs all over Germany, in Rome, Tel Aviv, Bali and for sure a lot in Thailand.

Since 2005 F.l.u.x. is part of "Very Progressive Records".

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born in Germany in 1982, started off as a DJ in 2002 with small parties at the Waldfrieden and around the north of Germany. Always growing with confidence she started doing bigger gigs, up to the Wonderland 03,04,05 and the Antaris in 2005. Also international gigs in Belgium, Egypt, Ecuador and Peru add to her references.

Her Type of Sound: Trance, touched with a sprinkeling of progressive techno...keeping it below 145Bpm.

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... aka Hallucination Generation is a three headed
deco-crew from Aachen Germany.
They create phantastic modern blacklighted cyber tribal art.
They´re doing sculptures, paintings and permanent deco installations.
and defenetly found their very own unique style.
On the First Synergy Tribe at the Overload they prooved once more, that not only their art is fantastic;-)
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Overload Club

Bonner Str. 63

42697 Solingen

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