Belgium  Tribal Gathering vs Ozric Tentacles vs Eat Static

Dec 22, 2006, Gent

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Date: Dec 6, 2006
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( , UK)
Presenting their 18 album "The Floor's Too Far Away" in 2006.
But also a lot of tracks from the last 25 years that rocked the stages
Live guitare, percussions, synths, flute, voice,....

This Morn Omina vs Empusae
( VS, Belgium)
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Whicked Hayo
( Night Oracle Records TribalGathering, Belgium )
From 2003 they have started to produce psychedelic sound, playing in countries like Greece, France, Spain, Romania, Nederland
and many festivals like FullMoon Festival in Germany, Freaky Dragons in Spain, etc...
Their style can be described like night energetic psytrance not the usual one we listen, with many breaks unexpected and powerfull bassline and climaxen.
Really beloved and respected from the belgium scene, Whicked Hayo can make a partyroom explode with their warm high quality production.
In 2007 you can expect much new releasing tracks on labels all over the globe from Japan until San Francisco, in the future you can find for sure their sound on Ketuh Records(Vienna), Vertigo Records(Moskov), from July 2006.
1st album released soon !!!!! On next march at really excellent label Night Oracle Record (who releases the first compilation in few days !!!!)

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( , UK)
Psymmetrix are 27 year old Alastair Crowther and 30 year old Richie (Asimilon) Elmes, both Yellow Star Geminis from the South East of England.
They have been writing music together now for one and a half years, after initially deciding to formulate a live "versus" set in December 2004, their conflicting musical styles brought about the synthesis of a new collaboration, that month they slaved in the studio with the newly born twin headed monster to create their first 7 tracks which met with great success at their début in the Liquid Connective Trance Room at Liquid Futures, December 31st 2004.
They bring 18 years of a love of trance music and dancefloor mayhem to their live sets, which have been tearing apart the London squat and party scene and after headlining the Liquid stage at the Glade festival last year these two have developed quite a following.

(Kairoo Records, Belgium)
When he was a child, Gunter Wyckman's fascination for music was very strong. It didnt took a long time before he learned to play all kinds of instruments, like drums, piano, Trumpet, djembé
5 years ago, he discovered the psychedelic side of electronic music and was overwhelmed by the sound and possibilities.After spending a lot of time ion his homestudio, he learned the way to make his own typical style of psytrance and named his project Bitkit. His production is top notch, bringing a combination of*massive trance anthems with the underpower of kickass pystrance music...This combined with powerfull original basslines and powerfull kick gonna make this one one of the surprises in the music scene. His debut release for his 12" (the Wide Open Ep) will be released on Kairoo Records...debut album following up November...

Dj set of the best tracks of eat static and friendzzzzz

(Fat Form Records, France)
One of the best and finest france female progresive djane, she has already 5 years of experience playing in the biggest events in Europe and Paris like Voov Experience, Rythm of Peace, Freaky Dragons...

(SunTrip Records, Belgium)
Will close the party in the morning with finest old school dj set


033/222 21 21



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