United States  Gaian Mind Monthly / Thanksgiving Celebration (Philly, PA)

Nov 24, 2006, Philadelphia, PA

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Date: Nov 22, 2006
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DJs: Special Guest:
Coral first started DJ’ing in 1999, in Eugene Oregon. Once she heard Psy-Trance she became completely immersed, inspired with the sounds and could never imagine spinning anything else. Her love for Psy-Trance has pushed her forward - enticing crowds to experience an emotionally charged psychedelic journey on the dance floor. Grasping any opportunity she gets- she releases her passion and energy for psytrance on the dance floor and moves the crowd to nonstop dancing.

Plus Resident DJ:
EG~BOT (Gaian-Mind/PSI - Philadelphia)



source: goabase.org/party/details/28222

Philadelphia, PA

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