Greece  Update{Girls Generation vol.1} -- TAMIRIS - MISS TICK - GANEISHA on Friday 12/1/07 at Underworld Club/Athens

Jan 12, 2007 23:55:00 - Jan 13, 2007 08:00:00

Date: Jan 6, 2007
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TAMIRIS (Spectral Records)- Portugal

_Tâmirís is Nilza Gomes. Born in Portugal, this young lover of ambient chill music started djing in 2002.

Member of Spectral Records she played chill out in Belgium at Rakti Dei Festival 2004, in Mexico at Spectral Label Party 2004, in Morocco at Rhythms of Peace Festival 2005 and in Italy representing her label.

In 2005 she started to play psychedelic trance at parties in Portugal until last august when she was the first female dj to play in Costa Rica. Since then Nilza has been playing in some parties in her country and at Existence Festival, in Barcelona.

Most of all, she likes music that makes you think, that transmit feelings.


MISS TICK (Fat Form recs) - France

Originating from the hip-hop movement, fallen in trance in 1999, head of Fat Form records with Natas with the sound than they like: Fat music!

She organize also music events in Paris in a very famous club called Batofar for her party Trance Embarquement, for promoting movement, and more, trance-progressive tunes. Since Few years, she’s progressive-trance activist for promoting this music in France. She invites all master of progressive scene for her party like: Dnox and Beckers, Mapusa Mapusa, X Dream, André Absolut, James Monro, Kasey Taylor, Motion and many more.

Miss Tick's styles vary from the tribal trance to more groove prog-house. Her sets are characterized by a key glamour, a sound well pumping...

more infos about Miss Tick :


Ganeisha(Moonsun records/ Portugal

Dj Ganeisha is Raquel Espanhol, from Portugal. Music came quit early in her life,

because her father was a dj.She has lived surounded by music all

her life and she learned quite soon how to work with music equipment, and to

listen to good music. Started working in a rock bar where she mainly mix rock,

metal,indie and 80/s music.

Psychedelic Trance came into her life in 1998,when she went to her first party

in which she received those feelings psychedelic music can offer, that makes you

start a journey in your brain and in your body. She tried her luck as a dj in

a friends party in 2003 and since then the "mixing bug" stayed in her life.

Influenced mainly by psychedelic trance, morning and night music,she likes to mix

several styles, creating only one, with her one style, not forgetting what

every soul in the dance floor likes to hear. Since 2003 she has played in several

national partys,sharing decks with artists like Khopat,Sidharta,Atary,

Psilocybe Project,Myrah and some others... Started mixing Chill Out in 2005,

creating mostly dj sets with influences like Highlight Tribe, Suns of Arqa, Nada,

Hallucinogen, Deep Forest, Shpongle, Pedra Branca, etc...


Entrance 20 euro + drink

Underworld Club Exarhia, Athens

Themistokleous & Gambeta,

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