United Kingdom  Psygate Vs Antiworld in Collaboration with HOMmega Productions

Nov 22, 2003 - Nov 23, 2003, London

Date: Oct 2, 2003
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Psygate Vs Antiworld in Collaboration with HOMmega Productions Present:
Infected Mushroom & Astrix In Live Concert!"!"!
Live @ SEone (London Bridge)
(Under The Magic Tunnels)!
Saturday 22 November 2003
41-43 ST Thomas Street
SE1 - UK - London
The Indoor Dance Festival...
10.00Pm - Very Late!!!

Antiworld's Last Official Event of 2003!
On Saturday 22 November 2003 Antiworld and Psygate will join forces with the two strongest Record

Labels that Israel, The World & the whole Electronic Dance Music scene has to offer:
HOMmega And BNE Records!
For this event we have prepared something very special with the SEone Club!
We are absolutely all over the moon about the fact that after 2 and a half years we are able to
bring you once again the Biggest Psychedelic Live Act:
We are also very excited about taking it even further with the Performance of another Star of the Israeli Trance:
Dj Eyal Yankovich will perform his Antiworld-Psygate Debut Set playing you the
Latest material that only the best Record Label in the world can have!
Get ready for a killer line up, lighting & lasers, video projections & psychedelic vibes!!!
This is the First and the Only Infected Mushroom & Astrix (Live) Appearances
@ The London SEone in the whole year!!!

Sizzling specialists of hard pumping-fist thumping Hard Dance
Jay Om VS Zeus take NO mercy introducing our Hi-NRG Atmospheric, Acid &
Trance experience. Next on the Hi-NRG agenda is Upfront Magazine's
Finest printed DJ - SolRay whom with the help of bouncing bass and
Atmospheric anthems surrenders the platform for the exclusive London
Techno Trance Antiworld DEBUT of Oxford's best kept secret Tony Heron!
Pumping right along & keeping the hard Trance Richter scale
Tipping next comes Mesh Records'3 most brain swimmingly brilliant
DJ Oberon followed by LIVE ON STAGE: ZEN TERRORISTS & S.B.L!!!
Mission Traxx's Darren Shambhala takes your brain out of its pool and
hangs it out to dry before handing the reins to Antiworld's
Brainchildren E-303 VS Fabry!!!

Cyberdog's shuttle transmits resident DJs Phil Able & Soylent onto
The Teknoworld dimension-squeezing sounds of televised techno-treats
With DJ Gas & Bigfishes' biggest catch-Rafael Araujo. Never
Hesitating to roll up his technologically tuned sleeves Marco Lenzi
Celebrates his passion for techno-allowing Beamish to take his
Antiworld ancestry to new generations by building a plinth of power
For the ever impressive D.A.V.E the Drummer (Live)!! As essential to techno
As bass to the beat, D.A.V.E hands the techno platform to Animatek in
An attempt to obtain Antiworlder's sanity!! D.A.V.E then strikes
Back at Animatek & twists his techno reigns in an exclusive DJ Set!!

Recoverworld return to the London stage, and with even more reason to celebrate than usual, for
Tonight is the 1st Birthday of the Recoverworld events! Star DJs and live PAs from the label
Collective will ensure this will be a cutting edge show not to be missed, with Recharge special
Guest Mark Gray from Sundissential and Insomniacz joined by live PAs from Recover and Recharge
Label favourites Darren Round and DMF, alongside Recoverworld regulars Pablo Gargano, John Askew
And Simon Eve and Lady Bianca.

As always to aid Antiworlders auras chill out beats by Dave Arc I,
Tom Fu, Mandie More Vs Jonty, Xtensa vs Green Al, Greg vs Nautalis
With an amazingly ambient drum percussion support by Darren Baker,
Antiworld's Fifth room will be one for promised peace from the wrath
Of the hugely repetitive beats!
An out of this Antiworld assortment of DJs, performers & fellow
tribed followers await those boarding the Anti-shuttle on November 22!!
Be prepared to check your mind @ the door & have your feet over motioned
On the dance floor!!!

Antiworld @ The SEone
The Indoor Underground Dance Festival…. Be Inspired!


Advanced tickets will go on sale on Monday 22 September 2003!
We will have a limited sale of 200 advanced tickets @ £ 13 + b/f
just calling:
Enrico : 0044 (0) 7940 527 867
Fabry : 0044 (0) 7904 167 916
We do expect to sell out those in one week!
This offer will close on Monday 29 September 2003!

Please Note:

There will not be a Paying Guest List for this Event!!!

All the usual ticket outlets in UK...@ £ 17.50 plus b/f:
***Swear - Camden Town – 0207 485 71 82
***Cyberdog - Camden Town – 0207 482 28 42
***Cyberdog - Covent Garden – 0207 836 78 55
Psychedelic Dream Temple – Camden - 0207 267 85 28
Access All Areas - Camden Town - 0207 267 83 20
Banging Tunes - London – 0207 323 53 03
Banging Tunes Brighton - 01273 571 605
Mad Records - Covent Garden – 0207 439 07 07
XSF Records - Soho - 0207 287 24 96
Di Fjuen - Portobello – 07973 906 972
Eukateck Records - Covent Garden – 0207 240 80 60
Basement Vinyl - Kilburn – 0207 372 81 92
Silverback Records - City - 0207 404 94 56
UDM - Enfield – 0208 366 54 22
The Record Box - Gants Hill – 0208 551 63 58
Wax City - Croydon - 0208 680 96 21
Graffiti - Reading – 0118 950 01 23
Hard Edge - Reading - 0118 958 40 63
Dance to Records - Brighton 01273 32 94 59
Streetwise - Cambridge - 01223 30 04 96
Discus Music - Newmarket - 01638 662 187
Dance 2 Records - Guildford – 01483 451 002
Avid Records - Oxford - 01865 24 37 41
Massive Records - Oxford - 01865 25 04 76
Destiny - Bournemouth – 01202 46 74 86
Hands On Records - Portsmouth - 02392 755 750
Vinyl Rhythm - Southend - 01702 436 893
Pure Vinyl - Eastbourne - 01323 732 020
Phat Trax - Milton Keynes - 01908 314 006
Spin a Disc - Northampton - 01604 631 144
Trip to Records - Southampton - 02380 223 982
Richard Records - Canterbury - 01227 452 268
Rocket - Rochester - 01634 817 848
Discus Music - Newmarket - 01638 662 187
Jack Records - Sheffield - 0114 276 70 93
Spectrum Music - Folkestone - 01303 253 878


On Line:

*** = PLEASE NOTE = Excellent News:
The Antiworld crew are very happy to announce a partnership with Swear and Cyberdog,
Therefore we are very proud to confirm that from Monday 04 August 2003 if you buy
Your Antiworld advance tickets from Swear and/or Cyberdog you will receive an incredible 10% discount on any of their merchandise on sale in the Camden and Covent Garden Shops...
The Antiworld, Cyberdog and Swear crew hope you will enjoy the offer and hope to
See you on one of the many dance floors...@ The Rex Music Arena
More info at:

We are also doing cash sales @ £ 17.50 with no b/f at the following:
Enrico : 0044 (0) 7940 527 867 (North London)
SEone : 0044 (0) 207 407 16 17 (London Bridge)
Fabry : 0044 (0) 7904 167 916 (Camden Area and more!)

There will be a limited advanced sale...
Be Prepared!!!
And do not tell us we didn't warn you!
This event is going to be the Biggest indoor event
That London will have this year...
So make sure your get your tickets as quick as you can...
All the events we held at this venue have totally sold out!!!

Psygate Vs Antiworld in Collaboration with HOMmega Productions Present:
Infected Mushroom & Astrix In Live Concert!"!"!
Live @ SEone (London Bridge)
(Under The Magic Tunnels)!
Saturday 22 November 2003
41-43 ST Thomas Street
SE1 - UK - London
The Indoor Dance Festival...
10.00Pm - Very Late!!!

Antiworld : 07940 527 867
: 0208 365 89 18
For stalls, promotion help, concession lists and also to get involved please
Anastasia: 07775 882 136
Or email: anastasia@antiworld.net


More Info:

Future Dates:
Antiworld Vs Psygate Vs Teknoworld: Saturday 07 February 2004 @ Venue Tbc !"!"!

More Info:

Peace & Love
The Crew!!!!


Main Room Line Up:

The Psygate Vs HOMmega Records Theatre:

Progressive and Full On Psychedelic Techno Trance:

Metaphase Vs Druid (Psygate Residents)

Simo (Alchemy Records/Fairy Tales)

DJ Eyal Yankovich (HOMmega, Israel)

Astrix - Live! (HOMmega, Israel) www.hommega.com

Infected Mushroom - Live! (BNE, Israel) www.bne.co.il

Room Production:

02 Lasers By Mirror Image

Visuals By Inside Us All

Decors By Fluoro Heaven & Arc-i

Decors Back Main Room By Bud (Wonderland)

Extra Lights By Helo

Decors By Arc-i

Lighting Desk Operator By Helo

Room Production Manager Dave Arc-i

Second Room:

Antiworld Present:

Hi - Energy, Atmospheric, Acid & Hard Trance:

Jay Om Vs Zeus (Antiworld / Roots / Implosion)

Sol Ray (Upfront Magazine - E-Traxx Records)

Tony Heron (Massive Records - Oxford)

-Exclusive London Techno Trance Set and Antiworld Debut!!!-

S.b.l (Live On Stage)!!!

-Mesh Records-

Dj Oberon (Logic - Mesh Records - Opal)

Zen Terrorists (Live On Stage)!!!

-Mesh Records-

Darren Shambhala (Mission Traxx)

E-303 Vs Fabry Vs Eduardo Herrera (Antiworld - TheWarOfTheWorlds!)

Room Production:

02 Coloured Lasers By Laser Concepts

Visuals By Nuroptics

Decors By Shantiluna & Fruityjuicy

Video Projections By Tree

More Decors By Starfish

Extra Lights

Lighting Desk Operator By Jason Arc - i

Room Manager Jason Arc - i

Third Room:

Teknoworld 003:

-Urban Music At Its Finest-

Funky - Tekno & Tek-House-

Soylent Vs Phil Able (Cyberdog)

Dj Gas (Teknoworld - Acid Park)

Dj Rafael Araujo (Brazil / Big Fish / Technose / BR909 Records)




Marco Lenzi (Molecular Recordings - Eukatech Records)


Beamish (Antiworld)

D.a.v.e The Drummer (Live On Stage!)


Animatek (Teknoworld - Acid Park)

D.a.v.e The Drummer Exclusive Dj Set!

(Teknoworld - Hydraulix)

Room Production

Sound System By Malfaiteurs

Sound System By Kss

01 Laser By www.nexuslights.com

Extra Lights By Kss

Room Manager Karim & Mikelangelo & Gas

Forth Room:

Hosted By Recoverworld In Association With Recharge Records:

"The Recoverworld First Birthday":

Hard House & Hard Dance:

Lady Bianca

John Askew (Discover / Kiss 100)

Pablo Gargano (Recover / Discover)

DMF (Live On Stage / Recharge / Exclusive world debut!)

Mark Gray (Recharge / Sundissential)

Darren Round (Live On Stage / Recover)

Simon Eve (Recharge / Recover)

Room Production

Visuals By Frolic

Decors By Cyberdog

Room Manager James & Jo (Cyberdog)

Fifth Room:

Chill - Out Beats

Hosted By Clockwork Prism and Ambient All Stars:

Dave Arc I (Ambient All Stars)

Tom Fu (Ambient All Stars/Liquid Connective)

Mandie More Vs Jonty (Free Range Rigs)

Xtensa Vs Green Al

Featuring: Live Electronica Spaceman Sam (Alchemeleon)

Greg Vs Nautilus (Clockwork Prism)

Exclusive Live Percussions By Darren Baker!

Room Production

Decors By Ambient All Stars & Clockwork Prism

Lighting By Arc-i & SEone

Room Manager Green Al


Crew:34 Main Room Djs7 International Live Acts5 Coloured Lasers130 k Of Booming Sound Systems5 Main arenas of Different Music & Vibes!Bars, Stalls, Chill - Out Space, Massage, Healing, Hippies, Cyberpunks and all the un-usual Magic Things!Arc-i,The Sound Man,Nuroptics,Inside Us All,Frolic,Laser Concepts,Mirror Image,Starfish,Bud (Wonderland),Fluoro Heaven,Decors By Shantiluna & FruityjuicyVideo Projections By TreeKwalilox,Headfunk,Wendalena Tribal Face Painting,Malfaiteurs,Nexus,Kss Sound & Lighting,Antiworld,Psygate,Teknoworld,Acid Park,Electrik Panik,Time Machine,Clockwork Prism,Ambient all Stars,Helo Lighting&The SEone Crew!!!


£17.50 in adv



website: http://www.antiworld.net

London Bridge The SE1 Club


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