Austria  Drops reflections meets 2Mushrooms on the beach

Nov 10, 2006 22:00:00 - Nov 12, 2006 12:00:00, Vienna

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Date: Oct 11, 2006
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Location: Objekt 227 Franz Grillstrasse 6 1030 Wien Die Location ist eine coole, 1800qm² große Fabrikshalle nähe Heeresgeschichtliches Museum/Südbahnhof ( [click here] ) how to get there: (stadtplan) (öffis) Entry: Vorverkauf: 18€ für 2 Nächte die ersten 300 bekommen eine Original CD von Psytropic Records Wo bekomme ich diese: GROOVE CRIMINALS RECORDS / +436606555175 / CHOSEN420X@YAHOO.COM 2MUSHROOMS OFFICE / +4369981157346 / USEYOURILLUSION@GMX.AT Abendkasse: 25€ für 2 Nächte 14€ für 1 Nacht @ the door gibts ein Willkommens schnapserl for freeeee... :) Hotline: 06606555175 / 06606584972; wolfganghimself@yahoo Organizer: Groove Criminals Rec., Immrama & 2mushrOOms ;) Info : VIBE TRIBE--------(utopia records)isr. There are no limits to the indisputable talent of the promising duo Vibe Tribe – the two Russian-born Israelis Stas Marniansky (1985) and Elmar Ivatarov (1984) who have been making music since their early teens. Since joining the Utopia Records family, their sound has gained the current fantastic, supersonic psychedelic-full-on style by which they’re recognized. Indeed, their 2005 Utopia debut, Melodrama , was both a confirmation of their solid talent and their ticket to worldwide acclaim. Vibe Tribe has been lifting dance floors in Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil and Japan ever since. Top-notch tracks by Vibe Tribe are also featured on several Utopia Records compilations such as Pure Imagination, Timeless, and Restart..Additionally, the busy duo has also released numerous tracks on indies such as Neurobiotic Records, Shiva Space Technology , ODD Records, Turbo Trance Records, , and others. Their second Album, Wise Cracks ) , features a groundbreaking sound evolution for the duo, designed to break boundaries and take their large following to the next level of perception. ANANDA SHAKE-(utopia records)isr. Ananda Shake is another bright star shining under the Utopia Sky. The multi-talented duo Osher Swissa and Lior Edri, who’ve been speaking the Trance music language for a decade. They initially produced old school Goa Trance, which in time has evolved into their killer full-on sound that they are known and loved for today by fans all over the world. Emotion in Motion – their Utopia Records debut - is a must-have classic. After a successful and extensive tour, playing in festivals throughout Western and Eastern Europe as well Mexico and Brazil, Ananda Shake returns with a hi-tech masterpiece: We Speak Music, their second full length album of a brilliant, forceful and unique full-on gold, featuring percussions, strings and vocals. The freshly original We Speak Music is the breathtaking result of a year-long recording process with state-of-the-art sound and an undeniable drive. Hypnotic, arresting harmonies and pure Trance of all kinds are found across the board throughout the album's ten tracks. STEREOMATIC---(utopia records)isr. Eliran Maimone a.k.a StereoMatic (21) is a young artist from the city of Ashdod, Israel. At the age of 17 he discovered the world of electronic music production, and started creating his own music. Eliran was also influenced and supported by his environment and also his older brother arik aka delirious, that is also a successful electronic producer. Steromatic started his musical path with the Full-On genre, taking part in various successful projects and crafting his own original style and vibe. Since then, Stereomatic had released his unique music in several labels, including : Phonokol records,Noga records,Utopia records,Spectrum music,and many more to come.. Recently Stereomatic has joined Utopia records and is now currently working on his debut album titled "Dreams Come True", which be released during the beginning of 2007. MAHAMUDRA-----(utopia records)isr. Mahamudra is the group project of Ran Malka, Eyal Cohen and Sagiv Ben-Giat (Shimi Gelman technical support) Influenced by everything from Rock and Classical to electronic music, Mahamudra sounds like nothing you’ve heard before. While mixing freestyle, electro and full-on effects, they offer an irresistible new form of trance standard of the highest quality. The group has released tracks for labels such as Phonokol, Com.pact, MoonStone, Yellow-Sunshine and others. Watch out for Mahmudra’s upcoming album on Utopia. The future is here! "Its like a drop that falls into the ocean , or perhaps the ocean itself is falling into a drop"


VIBE TRIBE--------(utopia records)isr. first time in vienna !
ANANDA SHAKE-(utopia records)isr. first time in austria!
STEREOMATIC---(utopia records)isr. first time in austria!
MAHAMUDRA-----(utopia records)isr. first time in austria!

IDO ---(utopia rec. )isr.
SNIKERS--(groove criminals rec.)port.
BOOFCONTROL--(groove criminals rec.)isr.
PARADOX--(groove criminals rec,)at.
MALEX--(d.d conection/groove criminals rec)at.
RO-TAMA----(groove criminals rec.)at.
PROFESOR--(inganga bar/charing charing rec,)at.
MAGENIUS---(finel fantasy)at.
MAOAM-- ------(2mashrooms)at.
OR IGIN-------(interplay of forces)at..
MATTE--------(utopia rec.)italy.


2mushrOOms, Immrama, Drop Reflections and Surprise Surprise


VVK: 18.- for 2 nights / AK : 25.- for 2 nights or 14.- for 1 night


06606555175 / 06606584972


Objekt 227

Franz Grillstrasse 6

1030 Vienna Austria

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