Japan  XVIBE Agency presents LOVE BEAT

Oct 7, 2006 23:00:00 - Oct 8, 2006 05:00:00, Fujisawa-shi

Date: Sep 17, 2006
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Oppa-la it is based on the province of Kanagawa-ken Fujisawa-shi Katasekaigan, 5 minutes walking of the station, located in 4º Floor of the Samaria Building, of front for the Beach and Island of Enoshima, with a amazing sight, calm and paradisiacal venue, which transmits much vibe and positive vibrations. Dance, love and enjoy the music are the subject of this party !!!


BAD ALEX (XVIBE Agency) . Brazilian Music

SHELL (BRACHOPPS/C Q SABE BAR) . Hip Hop / Reggaeton

MHACK (Sonic Motion Records www.sonicmotionrecords.com / Sneg Production www.sneg-production.ru / XVIBE Agency) . Psychedelic Trance


SPIRITUALIZE LIVE ACT (Garudha Records) . Psychedelic Trance


SENSIBILITY and SPIRITUALITY are the words that represent the project “SPIRITUALIZE” formed by DJs and producers Gilberlan & Akemi. In 1989, Gilberlan started to give the first steps to his carrier as a DJ playing Walkman connected to the mixing machine at the parties organized jointly with his friends. But following year, he started his professional carrier playing in several clubs for seven years. After that phase playing psy-trance music, he deepened his interest. Two years later he formed the project called “SOLAR 48” a live P.A. that presented mixed music based on electronic music, Tupi-Guarani songs, Sanskrit and Indian music instruments, and other tribes and ethnic music. In 2002, Akemi started working as a professional DJ, and in the same year she created a project “INTERFERENCIA” with Gilberlan, which maintains a group of DJs and a program of e-music at the FM Radio Station in the north of Brazil. That project became very famous to open the door for national and international DJs of diversified segments of e-music to present their works, which turned to influence other similar programs. In the following year jointly with Gilberlan she created “PSYCHEDELIC MOMENTS” which became “SPIRITUALIZE” later on. In 2005 Gilberlan & Akemi moved to Japan and transformed the project “SPIRITUALIZE” to perform the live activity centered around psy-trance, full-on and goa receiving strong influence to the artists such as Atmos, Electric Universe, Mekkanikka, Oforia, Pop Stream, and so forth.

LUWIS (XVIBE Agency) . Psychedelic Trance

ROGERIO FACTOR (Together / XVIBE Agency) . Epic Trance / Hard trance


HARI (Ibiza Electronic Music Event / XVIBE Agency) . Tech-House


BRAUN (Acquarius) . All Mix



XVIBE Agency psy decor

System Sound Oppa-la & Hari


Men ¥ 2,000 (1drink) / Ladies FREE until 24hs, after ¥ 1,500 (1drink)


+81 090 9953-0146

website: http://agency.xvibe.net

Oppa-la Enoshima Beach

Katasekaigan 1-12-17 Samaria Bldg. 4F -

- Fujisawa-shi Kanagawa-k

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