Belgium  DJ FIRAGA b-day party with astral projection, sesto sento...

Dec 9, 2006, apen

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Date: Dec 5, 2006
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ASTRAL PROJECTION (BNE records israel)
(Astral Projection (Avi Nissim + Lior Perlmutter) is considered to be
one of the most important psytrance bands of the 90's worldwide.
Astral Projection's albums were released worldwide in the UK, Germany, France, Scandinavia, Greece, Japan and Asia.
The group has gained great support and exposure from record companies, global media (including TV ads), and the world's best DJ's. Paul Oakenfold and Danny Rampling play them regularly in their sets and on their popular radio shows on British Radio 1, THE radio station in the UK.
Astral projection are one of the biggest pioneers of the psytrance scene ever )

SESTO SENTO (com-pact rec.israel)
(Sesto Sento are Matan Kadosh (born 1983), Itai Spector (born 1985) and Aviram Saharai (born 1985), all from Afula city, in the north of Israel
. One of today's leading psychedelic trance groups, with heavy performance schedule and numerous amount of tracks released on Major compilations all over the world.
And for this party they will present their third album called ''come together''
This album will be also handed to all the party people for FREE )

VISUAL CONTACT (com-pact rec.israel)
(Visual contact is the great project between dj bog (visual paradox) and bizarre contact
The are knowed for extremely powerfull and great melodical trance that will blow you away

SYSTEM NIPEL (translucent rec.israel)
(SYSTEM NIPEL are Rubi Yacobov + Anton Lunev both 21, living + producing in their home town Beer Sheva, located in the Southern parts of Israel.
Both Rubi + Anton are of Russian origin and have imigrated to Israel during the 90's.
The two met in high school, became good friends + found a lot of common ground - love + talent for music among other artistic walks of life...
The team begun producing music in 1999 using the Dos based program Impulse Tracker, producing mainly club trance.)

DJs: MATAN aka GATAKA (PHONOKOL rec.israel)
( one of the best psy dj's in the world ..and with his very special tast of music and also the making of a real story in his dj set he will rock the place)

NORION (mad-mystica/
(dj norion aka geert is one of the psy dj's from belgium that started around 2000 when the full on scene started to grow...this guy really knows how to create the great atmosfhere and create killer mixes)

(Dj firaga aka michael kiriloff was born in 1984 in Venezuela.
After some years he left this country to live in Belgium where after some years he discovered the psytrance scene.
So in 2003 he started mixing with the melodically and powerfull sound of psytrance produced.
He is known for his uplifting, melodical and powerfull sets, and playing in most of the parties in Belgium.
Nowdays , DJ firaga plays on the largest Belgian partys and already played in several country’s in Europe.
He played with artists like: Talamasca,alien project, Gataka, Aquatica , Ananda Shake, sesto sento , Vibe Tribe , lamat and much more…
Today he is also the promoter of the very well known B2B (Back to basics) partys in Belgium…partys that are well known and always a blast.

(nice proggi sounds to start the party )


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