Australia  Ultrapsychedelic Nature Party

Nov 4, 2006 21:00:00 - Nov 5, 2006 12:30:00, Sydney

Date: Aug 5, 2006
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-sMs- Ketamind D00F Recs, Israel -sMs-

KETAMIND started his career in 2000 at underground parties in the Parvati Valley/Indian Himalayas and then went onto play in Israel at outdoor events supporting major artists such as Spacecat & Psysex. The highlights of his career thus far are his appearances in Brazil where he rocked the ‘Universo Paradiso’ New Years festival and the legendary YpY Poti festival. His travels have also lead him to play alongside Visual Paradox, Star X, Blanka, Quantize, Doubble R.E.L and Azax Syndrome. At the beginning of 2005, Zirkin of Doof Records signed him up to represent the Doof Records sound which fits KETAMIND’S style perfectly.

KETAMIND has rocked every dancefloor he has had a chance to play at since joinging the Doof Records label and regularly plays at NNSW and Cairnes events such as Audiogasm and the Mardi Gras legalization party in Nimbin.. This well experienced dj has a keen ear for the psytrance sound and will be equiped with the latest from the Doof label and the top psytrance acts

-sMs- Franny - Sundance Recordings -sMs-

Famous for his expressive and mind expanding melodic journeys Franny has been busy of late playing weekly in North NSW showcasing his label artists and their new music to appreciative audience and dance floors alike. With the release of the long awaited TALPA Album ‘The Art Of Being Non’ on Sundance Recordings in addition to the much acclaimed Sundance series and the album from Russian virtuosos Planum the night is set for Franny to blow your minds with psychedelic melodies and floor smashing beats.

-sMs- Headcleaner Visuals -sMs-

HeadCleaner Visuals has been alive for around four years. As a collective we have a very strong in audio (we have all had stints as dj's, sound engineers, composers and even violinists) and have flowed into video
performing at parties and other events for more info or to download free media.

For Full Updates and info click link!!!!!

The ultrapsychedelic crew returns for another full forest installation of uncompromising psychedelic music encompassing both night and day .

Open Air

Ketamind (DOOF Records, Israel), Franny (Sundance, Byron Bay), Raptor (Mechanik Sound), Tract (Killah! Tea, -sMs-), Ming D (Yak and Yeti), Simon (Zennon Recs), Femme (-sMs-), Dharma Kaya (Drunken Bishops).


Sunny Alien

Visuals by Headcleaner


2 Hours from Sydney in a Forest!

Sydney NSW

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