Greece  Trance Memories Outdoor Event in the heart of Athens on Friday the 26th of September!!!

Sep 26, 2003 - Sep 27, 2003, Athens

Date: Sep 18, 2003
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The party will take place at ARK NR6 next to Idrima Meizonos Elinismou located at Peiraios 254,Athens.Notice though that entrance will only be allowed from THEMIDOS 18 which is the paralel street of Peiraios.

We have prepared for you a special OUTDOOR stage featuring 5000 people capacity,Special Virtual Lights Show,Bright New Decoration,DVD Projectors,Laser Show,Jugglers and Dancers perfomances,50 KW Eastern Acoustic Works crystal clear sound specially arranged for this unique open air event,1000 cars parking space and many surprises that you must not miss under any circumstances.

ATTENTION!!! In case of weather problems the event will take place into the NR6 Warehouse.

This special event is on Friday the 26th of September and doors open at 23:00

This event is powered by Trance Alliance and Entrance Fee will be 20 Euro

Open Air

This is back to basics people,the finest greek dj's will guide you through the history of trance from 1994 to 1998 with tracks from the greatest artists ever and will remind you moments from the legendary clubs of Baterry,Dom,X Cinema,Underwear,Amazon and special events that took place at EOT Alimou and Alepoxori.

Travel back to time with your navigators...

YIANNIS MEGAS (Trancemedia)


MIKE DEE (DR Recordings)

JOHNNY SIN (Amorphia)

NIKOS LIATSIKAS (Liquid Love Productions)

...that will perform tracks just on Vinyl and Dat from the likes of Astral Projection,Etnica,Koxbox,MFG,X Dream,Shiva Shidapu,GMS,Shakta,Man With No Name,Union Jack,Transwave,Miranda,Chakra,Cydonia,Sandman,Absolum,Psychaos,Electric Universe,Bamboo Forest,Total Eclipse,Cosmosis,Orion,Hallucinogen,Alien Project,Tristan and many many more.


20 Euros




ARK NR6 at Idrima Meizonos Elinismou located at Peiraios 254


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