Australia  Abyss. Featuring Scorb

Jul 1, 2006 21:00:00 - Jul 2, 2006 15:00:00, Sydney

Date: May 4, 2006
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Featuring a solid KV2 sound rig and psychedelic lighting!

There will also be food and drinks available on site, as well as camping space!

Directions will be posted closer to the date via the website and will also be available on the hotline number 92946814 on the night.

For more details check out the website:


Ady Connor (Scorb aka DJ Yod) is an artist and DJ for both Ambivalent and Last Possible Solution (LPS). Ady also performs Graphic Design duties for both labels including Cd covers, Party promotion and Merchandise.

Ady has a number of side projects: RAM, a Full-On project with Paul Wright (NRS), Squid Inc., A dark progressive project With Santos De Castro (Deviant Species), and Orzel's Machine, a Techno project With Mike Rucinski (Numbworx).

The early part of 2006 involves a busy release schedule starting with tracks and artwork for the new Ambivalent Compilation; AMBCD7 "Further Ambivalent Tendencies" , and LPS compilation; LPSCD005 "Denial & Error". Soon to follow will be the second RAM album: LPSCD006 "Killerbites", the eagerly awaited follow up to 2004's "Efficient Chips", which promises to shred dancefloors the world over.

And of course the long awaited Second Scorb Album: AMBCD8 "IPSO FVCTO" the culmination of a years work and including a collaboration with Deviant Species will be released this Spring in anticipation of the 2006 Festival Season.

Ady is in big demand for his energetic Live and DJ sets and has played all over the world including Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and the United States.


Gappeq is not a new name to psytrance. Born and brought up in Czech. Rep., Jiri Tomasek, already has many releases on Ketuh Records. His sound is dark and unique to him that can elevate you from your realm self in to another dimension. Currently working on his album for Ketuh records, this fully qualified musician, audio engineer and graphic designer has already revolutioned most parts of Australia and New Zeland and Europe with his live sets. - For More Information

Open Air


- Scorb (UK)(Ambivalent Records, LastPossibleSolution Records)

- Gappeq (Ketuh Records) live


- Scorb (Ambivalent/LPS Records, UK)

- DJ Shive (Belgium)

- Jaimz (Sonic Dragon Records)

- Agent 23 (Illuminati Records)

- Eegor (Bus Records , Open Records)

- Mash (Underground Gravity)

- Galaktik vs Darkchild (T-Quest)

- Substance (DarkFaction Records)

- Cyberwlf (Nabi Records)

- Raptor (Yak&Yeti)


Decor by Neo Fusion, Lasers by CosMICK.


$30 pre-sale


Call (02)92946814 on the night for directions!


Outdoor location, around 1.5hr from Sydney

Sydney New South

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