Czech Republic  HOKUS POKUS - The Witches festival

Apr 28, 2006 - May 1, 2006, Písek

Date: Apr 21, 2006
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Theatres, Workshops, Chaishop, 2006 Chill out planet fashion collection

In the wooden camp on the Skalice river near Pisek town, Mirotice. 80 km
southward from Prague, 70 km eastward from Pilsen. From Mirotice (or
Cimelice) 5,5 km towards Varvazov (direction Milevsko) - just before brigde
across Skalice river turn right (southward) towards Horni Ostrovec... Follow
the signs.

entry: 7,- € for the whole weekend
+ accomodation in bungalows if wanted: 5,50 € 1person/night (possible reservation at


Hokus Pokus (Parvati Records/Denmark)

Mutant Star (Blissbitz Records/CZ)

Gondar (Trancedelic Family/CZ)

Carpe Noctum (London/UK)


DronebiXie (Parvati Records/DK)

System Overload (Parvati Records/DK)

Gavrila (Chilloutplanet/RU)

Shamane (Headroom Productions/DE)

Krisae(Headroom Productions/DE)

Bongo (Hallabanaha/PL)

PsyriX, Prenatal, Astral Moveo,MP, Martyzan, Filipsz, Searcher (HedoniX/CZ)

LaDIc (Surface Tension/CZ)

Cymoon (Sonic Distortion/CZ)

Tur0 (Tatrance/SK)

InfiX (C17/CZ)

Jahodovy Komponent

Embryo (mimo-tv/cz)

Psyla (Mystical Waves) + Andy Warhol life flute

Tranceformer (Mystical Waves)

Kaplick (

Ottoman (Tschendos/CZ)



PanDan Soundsystem

Peky and Kotsur (C17/CZ)

Rachetik (HedoniX)

Ink Flo



Decos: Elemental, C17, HedoniX, Hallabanaha, Vy´tvarny´ krouzek c?tverec?ek

Projections: MiMo-TV, Surfdelux, OKO3, Perplex, S-G and others




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