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Mar 26, 2006 17:00:00 - Mar 27, 2006 01:00:00, Amsterdam

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Date: Mar 13, 2006
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* Pitched Out:

Awaiting the manifestation
of another enchanting entity
from the dimensional manifold
where the Centipede roams,
All Ye Fruits ov Human Nature
are intercerebrally invited
to witness the sublimation
of the next illuminant layer
of psychedelic bliss
on our outer crystal crust

Whilst emanating a broad
spectrum of Alpha waves,
the Centipede's Mind
manipulates the Mother Sine
to trigger it to resonate
at high harmonic range:
its peaks pitched out
from 9 to 9.8 cycles a second, ^
a telepathic soundscape spans
across the trancefloor -
thee Concept ov Bliss solidified
as thee Ritual ov Dance

* Constructural Supplements:

- Workshop Music Production by Zebra-N (Doof):
starts at 18h; for reservation & information,
please write to

- Track Try Out by Dr.Vinni (9Lives of Hofmann):
primearing Chill/Breaks/DnB/Psytrance from local heroes and upcoming producers, on from 17h.
Care to share yours as well?
Please send us an email!

- Gastronomical Gratification by Pow Pow,
served hot from 18:00 till 20:00

- Kotaro and Toshiya the Tribal
are our special guests from Japan,
from where their reputation preceeds them.
Prepare to Turn On, Lift Off and Blast Out!

^ footnote:
in the Human Brain, Alpha waves
run 8 to 12 cycles a second (or 8-12 Hz),
in correlation with the frequency
of 16th notes of tempos 120 to 180 bpm.
Cycles of 9 to 9.8 per second correlate
with 16th's in tempos 136 to 147.


Parallel Otological Alignment:

- Outer Limit:

live: N4SK4 (9LOH)

Kotaro (Equinox / Jp)

Dr.Vinni (9Lives of Hofmann)

Satyr (Pixan rec / Prog as a Frog)

Mars (Prog as a Frog / 9LOH / Br)

- Inner Source:

Toshiya the Tribal (Japan)

Bluestorm (Pluto Dreamworks)

Dogo (Prog as a Frog / 9LOH)


Manipulation ov Thee Visual Plane:

visuals by Rorschach & Rorschach
decoration by D-Core


5neuro at the door



Studio 80

Rembrandtplein 17


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