Netherlands  Cosmic Combination: Metamorphosis

Apr 1, 2006 - Apr 2, 2006, Leiden

Date: Mar 3, 2006
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Their music can be best described as a fusion between Heavy Metal, Gothic and Full-on Psytrance and it’s the first time these Israliens play in Holland! Off course we’re talking about Dark Soho! They will hit the LVC in Leiden with an awesome live act on the first of April, and that’s no joke! If you’ve missed Dj’s Yucka and Bor on the “Metabolic System 001” party, don’t worry, they will the other dj’s on the main floor. This time we open a second progressive area, in the cosy “zoldercafé”, hosted by Dj Fluofreax and Dj Xebeche. If the madness on the main floor is getting too much, but you still want to dance, this is the place to be. For a totally chilled experience the Chill-out will be at your service. With a nice live-set from “Lucid Picnic” and the ambient tunes of Dj Tz’unun you will be relaxed. Though dancing is not forbidden here, there is a big change you want to move on the beats played by “Wipgraag & Tim”! These two gents will play classic stuff, from 70’s lounge till “foute” eighties! We are really proud to have “Felix” decorating the main-floor. This man is a wizard with a pencil and fluo-paint. His backdrops are like magic, check out his site for an impression!



- DARK SOHO (Alchemy Records) Israel/UK


- Fluofreax (PTA) Rotterdam
- Yucka (Cosmic Combination)
- Bor (Cosmic Combination/ Suntrip)
- Xebeche (Cosmic Combination)


- Lucid Picnic (Peak Records) CH
- Wipgraag & Tim (WDM) Neuespaß
- Tz’unun (Cosmic Combination)


- Fluofreax (PTA)
- Cosmic Deco-nation (Cosmic Combination)


9 euro



Breestraat 66


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