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JAIA is the trance and ambient project of the French producer Yannis Kamarinos. After learning musical theory during 2 years, he played piano and keyboards in some rock bands and produced his first trance tracks in 1992. In 1995 he formed Jaia with Jean-Michel Blanchet and they released their first tracks on Fairway Records. First Jaia album “Blue Energy” (Cross/East West/Nova Tekk), was released in 1998 and re-released in 2000 as a double CD with a 6 tracks bonus CD under the name of "Blue Energy/Blue Synergy" (Dakini/Yellow Feather). Jaia released several 12 inches too, as well as numerous tracks on various labels compilations, such as Island, Iboga, Wagram, Milan, Flying Rhino, T.I.P. World, and many others.
Since 2000 Yannis is working alone under Jaia name and has released in 2005 the album “Fiction” (on Digital Structures ) which fuse psychedelic sounds with fat atmospheric progressive trance and house. Today Jaia’s music is actually a crossover between progressive trance, progressive house, psy morning trance and electro. Jaia is also still producing ambient and downtempo tracks.
Yannis has collaborated with other producers-DJ’s such as Dado (aka Deedrah, Synthetic,…), Wizzy Noise, or Silicon Sound.. He has remixed famous artists like the French singer Mylene Farmer – including her singles “C’est Une Belle Journée” and “Pardonne-Moi” (Polydor/Universal)- with Blue Planet Corporation, or the Moroccan singer Tyoussi (Fairway/SonyMusic) or the French pop band Jpex (Wagram). Jaia has been also remixed by Total Eclipse, Minilogue or Jimmy Van M for example…
Yannis is evolving in side projects too, like the trance Even 11 with Silicon Sound, the downtempo one Altitudes with Blue Planet Corporation and Silicon Sound , or the electro-house one Kama & Mc Gregor.
He is also working with Oneletronic (Extreme Music), a company making sound libraries for cinema and TV, collaborating with other artists like John Digweed, Oliver Lieb, Nick Warren or Sasha.
Jaia's music has already appeared on TV in France (on M6, MCM, or France 3) for example, in Switzerland, or in Japan ( on NHK, BS1,…) in magazines, documentaries, and advertising.
Since 1997 Yannis has been performing live in Europe, Japan, Israel, Russia, South America, Canada and in the USA. He has actually played at several big gatherings like Return To the Source in London, the Gaian Mind Festival in the USA, Solstice in Japan, the Samothraki Dance Festival in Greece, Universo Paralello in Brazil , or the VooV Experience in Germany.

VANJA it’s one of the founders of the Macedonian trance scene , starting in1995 one of the pioneer projects in electronic music in Macedonia called "Unique" and performing on some of the first most significant events in Macedonia in general such as Tribal gathering, Crossing Borders festival etc. Also working with multimedia projects such as "Sindy 'F Rella and the Unique" and "Biosquad". Actively involved in the trance scene since '96 as a dj and musician, making it’s parties under several marks from witch the most significant so far is Transforma. Being recognised for the deep, groovy, tribal psychedelic and progressive sound Vanja has performed since years back in countries like Macedonia,Greece,Serbia,Bulgaria,Croatia,Slovenia, Romania,Germany,Holland,Belgium,Morocco,South Africa including : Voov-Experience (03,04), OV-Silence (02,03,04,05) , Antaris Project (04,05), Full Moon festival (04,05) , Sweet Vibes festival , Ruigoord Landjuweel festival, AFU festival , Transolar festival with hundreds of club parties and small open airs around the world. Vanja it’s currently part of the Ov-silence records and crew from Germany and Liquid and Solid records and crew from Serbia.





digital structures / fr




transforma,ov-silence,liquidandsolid / mk



magrathea / bg



magrathea / bg

Chill stage








AFA and Transforma

Fuzz buble fire and juggling performance




club Belvi


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