Argentina  Etnicanet Presents Dj Pan Papason in Argentina

Feb 18, 2006 23:55:00 - Feb 19, 2006 23:55:00

Date: Feb 15, 2006
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Next Saturday for the first time in Argentina arrives Pan Papason, a very well known round the globe Dj and manager of Etnicanet Records.
After years of tratatives with the local Dj Moksha (Dancing Budhas/New Connections) he's finally arriving in Buenos Aires and will be presented in 2 different events, 1 Indoor and 1 Outdoor on the 18th and 25th of this month.
We'll have our team of friends taking care of the bodypainting, performances, fluo deco, and good argentinian vibes....
Together with Pan will play the locals Moksha, Murray, and just arrived from Ibiza Dj Pablo.
It's gonna be a unique event and hopefully the beggining of lots of partys to be made together with Eticanet in our country.
The choosen place, ticket prices, oficial line up, and other activities we may add will be sent to everyone signed in the list. List closes at 8pm on Saturday.


Artist Bio
Pan Ion Papason
Label Manager Etnicanet Contemporary Electronic Music Recordings
Releasing his album with etnicanet end of May 2006 called P.A.N. -- Come with me

Potent Audio Network is the solo project of Pan Papason which was created in the beging of 2003. After years of Djing around the Globe and with various collaborations with other artists, the need to create his personal unique sound, was evident.
His music full of drive and powerfull synths but well played melodies to stay in your head for ever.. is a new style of full on ripping dancefloors sounds with soft progressive stubs and fx.
His Debut Album will clearly differ with all his previous releases and is expected late spring 2006 on Etnicanet with the name: Come with me , packed with previously unreleased gems that will mark this unique style which proves diversity of music influences, over all those years of globetrotting
P.A.N. has also released tracks with Harmonia Recs, Spirit Zone and Etnicanet and collaborated in music production with Lotus Omega & Auracle Rec crew
Further collaborations as an organiser and a DJ brought Pan to most of the eclipse parties in Chile, India, Venezuela, Madagascar, South Africa, Tunisia, y Rumania, and some of the most important festivals like Celebra Brazil, Voov Experience 2005 (20.000 people), Zambujeira, South Africa 2000, Marakame (MX), Samothraki D F, Solipse Africa, and Optimus (50.000 people).
He has appeared at Amnesia and Privilege in Ibiza, in Milan, Athens, Capetown, Rio, S.Paulo, Wales, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, England, Goa, the Himalayas, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, Guatemala, Bolivia, Thailand and Cyprus sharing the dj box with artists such as Infected mushroom, Hallucinogen, Koxbox, Astrix(voov 2005 set b4 astrix), Talamasca, Etnica, Gms, Raja ram, and almost everyone else... His versatility has brought him too to mainstream events playing alongside acts such as Moby and Bjork.
After working on this album for the last few months in his studio etnicanet/iberos in the north of ibiza he is ready to test his first recordings which sound very promising, as well as all the future releases of etnicanet and etnica studios.... not to be missed!!!

Forthcoming gigs: Lisbon Portugal Tolouse France Soulclipse Antalya Turkey Australian tour (tbc) Skopje Macedonia FullMoon festival Berlin Germany Tchamla Kingdom Festival Sofia Bulgaria Oxygen Valley 3 Nicosia Cyprus Samothraki Dance Festival Greece
More info:

More info about Dj Pan at
More info about Dancing Budhas & Dj Moksha

Open Air & Indoor

Pan Papason (Gr)

Moksha (Ar)

Murray (Ar)

Pablo (Ib)


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