Portugal  .:: Synaptic Infusion::.

Mar 4, 2006, Ovar

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Date: Jan 23, 2006
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ynaptic Infusion::.</strong> :<p>Live: ::N3xu5 (Acidance Rec.)<br><br>::Tryambaka (Spectral Rec./Bhooteshwara Rec./Swing)<br><br>::Atary (Union Prod.) LIVE P.A.</p><p>DJs: Bong (Apocalypse Rec/Elements) Apresentação da compilação "Vision of the Future"<br><br>XaMã CirKus aka.ay-ash ( Trishula / Kabrathor )<br><br>Madnez<br><br>Vicious<br><br></p><p>Hotline: INFOLINES:91 690 57 41/ 91 603 74 78</p>


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