Switzerland  Stereoton Vol. 1 ( Beckers and True Lies ..::Live::.. )

Apr 8, 2006, Hüneberg / Luzern

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Date: Jan 25, 2006
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oton Vol. 1 ( Beckers and True Lies ..::Live::.. )</strong> :<p>Live: BECKERS (Sprout Rec., Germany)<br>TRUE LIES (Blue Tunes Rec., Germany)<br>SOLANO (Sinn Tec Rec., CH)<br>CAFU (Avalanche Rec., CH)</p><p>DJs: MONTAGU + GOLKONDA (Midijum Rec., Germany)<br>STARSKY (Sinn Tec Rec., Germany)<br>SYNCRON (Y.S.E Rec., Germany)<br>K.L. AUDIO (Pit Stop / Sinn Tec Rec., Germany)<br>SOUL FLOW ROCKAZ (Soultribe Rec., Germany)<br>TONY VOYEUR (Sinn Tec Rec., CH)<br>HENRY (Sinn Tec Rec., CH)<br>MAGUU (Groove Control Rec., CH)<br>ORPHEUS (SynteticVibes, CH)<br>CUBE (Rototec, CH)<br>SILECTRIC (Anaxadora, CH)<br>X-Cess (Rototec, CH)<br><br><br></p><p>Hotline: 0041 78 914 24 68</p>

Hüneberg / Luzern

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