Greece  MOONSUN ANNIVERSARY Presents The Top Event in Athens .. SPACE TRIBE / AUSTRALIA + LOGIC BOMB .Solstice / TIP.World .Uk + DYNAMIC /Phonokol records ltd.israel in ATHENS on the 18th of FEBRUARY at ANother Club *

Feb 18, 2006 23:30:00 - Feb 19, 2006 08:00:00, ATHENS

Date: Jan 16, 2006
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Area: Events

No illegal substances + Age over 18

Security on the door 17 KB Sound System + Robot System

Capacity 1000 People


SPACE TRIBE -- Dj Set ­-- Olli Wisdom /Space Tribe/Australia

Paragons of Goa trance, Olli Wisdom and the Space Tribe crew worked steadily in the British underground for several years, recording frequently and staging massive raves in the countryside before releasing debut album Sonic Manadala in late 1996. An American release appeared early the following year, trailed in 1998 by Ultraviolet Catastrophe. Space Tribe returned a year later with 2000 O.D and fall 2000 saw the release of Religious Experience.

Olli sometimes works in collaboration with other friends & consprators.

Originally from England. now living in the Rainforest near Byron bay. Australia,

Olli has been a pioneer of Psychedelic Trance for many years & previously was the singer

in the theatrical Goth/Glam band "The Specimen". After travelling in Asia & in 1988 came to Koh Phangan in Thailand where he first encountered the fantastic electro -driven wild psychedelic parties on the beach. Instantly hooked, he immersed himself into the music & has never looked back. He stayed there for 2 years, Djing & set up a small studio & making tracks for parties. before moving to Goa,India.

Olli is travelling all over the world playing parties bringing joy to the thousands of dancers who know exactly why they are there. Space Tribe parties have lifted the spirit & tweaked

the synapses. In Australia, Israel, America, Thailand, India, Ibiza, Bali, England, Germany, Hungary, Holland, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland & many more.... From Burning Man to Voov Experience From the Mountains in Japan to the Beach in Goa...

Next party??? Maybe on one of Jupiters moons!!!

LOGIC BOMB - [ TRANAN ] - Dj Set -- Jonas Petterson.*Solstice / TIP.World .Uk Logic Bomb was first founded in 1996 by Johan Krafft and Jonas Pettersson. Only a few tracks were made using very primitive equipment. In 1997 Jonas Pettersson joined up with Dennis Tapper and Jonas Bergvall to start the Hux Flux Project and this made the Logic Bomb project a side-project. The first release as Logic Bomb, the "Runtime Error" track, came summer 1998 on Spirit Zone's "Tales From the Forrest" compilation. After the completion of the Hux Flux album "Cryptic Crunch" Jonas Bergvall and Jonas Pettersson decided to leave Hux Flux. Dennis Tapper continued as Hux Flux and Jonas and Jonas hooked up with Johan Krafft again and started to making music full time under the name Logic Bomb. This was the summer 1999 and at the beginning the Logic Bomb tracks were very experimental and only a few ever completed. Since then the tracks got better and better and in Feb 2000 DJ Anti at Spiral Trax decided to release the first Logic Bomb album "HeadWare" which was released in july 2000.

The Headware release was followed by numerous releases on comilations and singles for all the big psy trance record labels. Logic Bomb began touring the world and building up a following for their highly enjoyable yet strong music. The second album, "Unlimited" which was released on classic psy trance label TIP World, established Logic Bomb as one of top acts in the psy trance scene. After another world tour and parties in all corners of the world Logic Bomb is now back in the studio making their third album. All the members are also busy making their solo projects which include, "Alternate Vision" (Johan Krafft), "Tranan" (Jonas Pettersson) and "Z-Man" (Jonas Bergvall). So you can all expect alot of new, fresh Logic Bomb tracks hitting the scene shortly..

DYNAMIC..Dj set Shay Elmakies /Phonokol records ltd.israel

Dynamic – Dynamix

OK Guys. The long awaited album of Dynamic is finally ready and set for release on 1st June 2003. The boys certainly respected their reputation and delivered an absolute masterpiece. They are being released currently on every major compilation in the world including 2 tracks on the new stash bag of Raja Ram on TIP World on “Most Wanted” by Alien Project, on the Rave-O-Lution compilation, on the new spun compilation, Arcadia compilation, X-Wave compilation and others…

Their touring schedule is rapidly filling and they are currently working on a remix for "Third Eye" by GMS & Space Tribe. On the other hand, GMS are remixing Dynamics new track O.V.N.I. These guys are very happening and they are the talk of the day in the world-wide scene.

Watch out for Dynamic!

Phonokol proudly presents its opening shot for the year 2004:

The Next Generation!

The Next Generation is an extraordinary trance compilation recently compiled by the Dynamic boys, who selected all the tracks in it from their current DJ set.

Dynamic are Shay Elmakies & Ben Avital, Phonokol/s permanent crew members and one of the most promising & admired Israeli trance groups emerging from the evolving Israeli trance scene. Dynamic are respected members of Phonokols young and dynamic new roster – Phonokols big hope for years to come!

The Next Generation is the latest concept of Phonokols compilations – a stage for the labels new in-house artists to present their

DJ skills & expose their DJ sets each time with another act.

Dynamic were invited to release their current DJ set as the grand opening of this new series as they are mainly known as great musicians with their own mark on the trance world, but they are also very talented DJ/s with great taste in music & this project presents their

DJ side – what a killer result !

†Since their signing to Phonokol in late 2002, the boys reached many great achievements & enjoyed world wide support of leading trance DJs (I.e. Raja Ram, GMS, Alien Project, Astral Projection & Eskimo to name a few) who embraced them as one of the best new arrivals to the global trance scene.

Over a relatively short period of time they reached unprecedented success with the release of their own artist album – Dynamix,

Their tracks are on every major trance compilations around the world including tracks on TIP World, SPUN Records (USA), Zoom (Switzerland), several Japanese compilations, many Phonokol releases and a long list of other companies & projects.

They had remixed tracks of major tracks like GMS (GMS & Space Tribe – Third Eye) & Astral Projection (Dancing Galaxy) & were remixed by leading acts like Alien Project (Genetic Engineers) and GMS (O.V.N.I.). They collaborated with acts such as Melicia, Star-X, Alien Project & Eskimo, writing tracks together.

During 2004 they will release their second Dynamic artist album. A new project called Gandum and a new collaboration with Eskimo Junya† called Dynamo !

Their tour schedule covers every corner of the globe!

The Next Generation is a 10 track compilation with

massive trance killers!


*** Dj


Deco from ..Filip...* Tessaloniki


30 Euro + drink


ANother Club [Ex CT Plus] Academias And ,Athens

Zoudohou Pigis 3


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