United States  Younger Brother, Hallucinogen, Prometheus / CONSPIRATOR !!!!

Jan 20, 2006, New York

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Date: Jan 7, 2006
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er Brother, Hallucinogen, Prometheus / CONSPIRATOR !!!!</strong> :<p>Live: For the first time in NY:<br>YOUNGER BROTHER (twisted, UK)<br>The legendary, the much followed and imitated Simon Posford (a.k.a. <br>HALLUCINOGEN, or half of SHPONGLE) and Benji Vaughan (a.k.a. <br>PROMETHEUS, and half of PROCESS, with Sean Williams, half of a CITIZEN <br>KANED with Doof, and half of CYBER BABAS with Raja Ram) join forces for <br>this trail blazing experience.<br></p><p>DJs: HALLUCINOGEN (Simon Posford - Twisted, UK)<br>PROMETHEUS (Benji - Twisted, UK)<br>YONI (TSUNAMI) - Always rocking, always right on!<br>SURRENDER - Gadi's signature no nonesense morning full on sets<br>are powerful and energetic.<br></p><p>Hotline: 212.439.8124</p>

New York

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